So-Klin Unveils New Variants

In a bid to give Nigerians more ways to improve the quality of their fabrics after washing, Natural Prime Resources Nigeria Limited, manufacturers of So-klin, has introduced two new variants into the market.

They include the So-Klin Ultra Odour defence and So-Klin Matic detergent powder.
While introducing the new variants to the media, Head of Marketing, Natural Prime Resources Nigeria Limited, Abimbola Alabi, said the initiative was borne out of the need to give Nigerians easier washing convenience.

She said, “our consumers expressed the need for new odour guard product but we did our own extensive research back and forth for two years before we came out with a successful result on the variants. Nigerians want convenience, something fresh, more pleasurable and easier washing experience and so these two new products are geared at making life more exciting and pleasurable for our Nigerian consumers”.

For the So-Klin Ultra, the 25g is N25 and the 150g is N100 and so we made sure that our price falls to what the consumers will get easily to buy.
According to her, “some of our products are raw materials which are sourced from here and also there are others that are imported”.

Also speaking, Head of Finance, Euro Mega Atlantic Nigeria Limited, distribution company of So-Klin, Toyin Elefotuye, said the launch will expand the brand portfolio and give opportunity for business growth as well as consumers who deserve more fulfilling washing experience.

He said, “We desire to work relentlessly with you to enable the new entrants gain unprecedented distribution and visibility across channels, especially in open market and neigbourhood retail outlets within the shortest time possible against all odds for awareness and usage in every home”

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