Anambra Govt: Obiano Never Fined Herdsmen N500,000 for Killing  Farmer


David-Chyddy Eleke in Awka

Anambra State Commissioner for Information, Mr. C.Don Adinuba, has denied the information making the rounds that Governor Willie Obiano has imposed a fine of N500,000 on any herdsman that killed an indigenous farmer in the state.

Adinuba also described a video on social media on the fine as a fabrication by opposition elements in the state that were unhappy that Obiano has achieved the feat of making Anambra the safest state in the country, adding that the purveyors of this fake information wanted to incite violence in the state using the doctored video.

“They (opposition parties) have consequently been sponsoring all manner of lurid stories in the social media against the people and government of Anambra State.

“Having failed in a video to incite Ndi Anambra State to rise against innocent and law-abiding Fulani people in our midst, they have now resorted to online reports and fake videos claiming that Governor Obiano has promised any Fulani person who kills an Anambra person over cattle business N500,000 and N500,000 to any Anambra indigene who murders a Fulani over his crops.

“This is an unintelligent attempt at disinformation. Murder is a serious crime everywhere in the world, and it carries capital punishment in Nigeria. It cannot be compensated for with money, according to the Nigerian law.

“Human life is, indeed, sacred. The fact that some faceless politicians can carry their propaganda to the level of equating human life with money shows a total lack of respect for human life, let alone human dignity.

“These characters show no regard for law, order and peaceful co-existence. The hate mongers who have been trying to incite the ordinary people in Anambra State against fellow Nigerians conducting legitimate businesses in a peaceful manner must be held accountable should anything untoward happen to Ndi Anambra in other parts of the country.

“They must be reminded for the umpteenth time that they are putting in harm’s way the lives of millions of Ndi Igbo who are working in other parts of Nigeria as professors, entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, journalists, business managers, traders, etc.

“These Igbo people should not be subjected to daily demonisation. There must be a limit to politics,” Adinuba said.