What was General Buhari Doing in South Africa?

Muhammadu Buhari and his South African counterpart Cyril Ramaphosa


It was painful to watch. General Muhammadu Buhari arrived South Africa on Wednesday October 2nd, 2019, and the South African President was not at hand to receive him. Worse still, they played the wrong national anthem at the airport. Even worse, they flew our flag upside down.

One of these disrespectful acts could have been a coincidence. But all three of them taken together, was a deliberate affront on Nigeria and her rigged in President. Sadly, General Buhari was too clueless to notice.

I struggled to reconcile within myself why General Buhari made the trip to South Africa. I mean, who should be visiting who? That is why I love Paul Kagame. He understands what leadership is. He won’t reduce himself the way General Buhari has done.
Your neighbour’s child beat up your child and you went to his house to beg? Rather than ensuring that your child would not be beaten again, that action ensures that your child would be the object of scorn because his father has no shame!
And look at what the man went there to say? In his press conference with South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, General Buhari said:

‘’I think Nigerians know the stand of the leadership that when you are in Rome, you do what the Romans do. When you are in a country, you study the people and the laws and you get yourself in line with what the authorities and the people accept there.”

I watched it on BBC world news and the presenter said ‘the Nigerian President had some harsh words for his people”.
Who told General Buhari that the refusal of Nigerians to act like South Africans is the reason for the attacks? Even their own President said it was caused by poverty. The real poverty here is General Buhari’s poverty of leadership!

I was not too surprised that during his visit, a South African pundit named Muchaviseki said “We hope he (Buhari) is here to collect the rest of his THUGS”. Do you blame him? The late Mamman Vatsa said “When you insult yourself, you wont be in short supply of people ready to help you”.

Former Presidents Jonathan and Obasanjo would never have gone to South Africa as sitting Presidents. They would have subtly made MTN aware of their displeasure and South Africa’s President would have come to Nigeria to beg.

But even if they went to South Africa, they would certainly have never have said ‘when in Rome do as Romans do’!
The truth is that General Buhari has capacity to bully and intimidate those weaker than him, but he himself gets bullied and intimidated when in the presence of those more educated than him. Cyril Ramaphosa intimidated him hence his ‘when in Rome’ comment in South Africa.

Right now, South Africans are feeling 10 feet tall because of the way General Buhari went there to disgrace himself and Nigeria. You can imagine them saying ‘I hope he came to take the rest of his thugs”!

Who did we sin against that we ended up with such a wet blanket as a leader? General Buhari’s response to South Africa is just as sheepish as his reaction to killer herdsmen.

General Buhari needs some Churchillian wisdom. He needs to know that “An Appeaser Is One Who Feeds a Crocodile, Hoping It Will Eat Him Last!”
What a beta personality. What a passive leader. General Buhari has revealed himself to be a passive aggressor. Passive when he meets those, like Ramaphosa, who intimidate him, and aggressive, when he meets those, like Shiites, who don’t intimidate him.
Does the General Buhari, who went to South Africa to disgrace us with his ‘when in Rome’ talk’ himself obey Nigeria’s laws? On Independence Day, he insulted Nigerians by calling us law breakers. Does he himself obey court orders? Why are Dasuki and others still in jail despite court orders ordering their release? Physician, heal thyself! Yoruba say, shior!

No wonder Aisha Buhari ran away from Aso Rock and has not been seen in Nigeria for months. If General Buhari can treat Nigerians so SHABBILY and PUBLICLY in South Africa, who knows what he has been doing to Aisha SECRETLY at the Presidential Villa!

What has General Buhari’s visit accomplished? Did Kagame go? Did Akufo-Addo go? Did Mnangagwa go? Giant of Africa my foot! Buhari’s visit only serves to show his gigantic inferiority complex and proves that size is nothing if you don’t know how to use it!

When we say that AFFIDAVIT cannot make you EMINENTLY qualified, the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal will disagree. Now look at the disgrace we are suffering in South Africa with ‘when in Rome’ talk. You can’t CROWN a CLOWN and expect a KING!
The best thing to have happened to those few xenophobic South Africans (not all of them are xenophobic. Their women like Nigerians. That may be a riot cause!) is General Buhari’s visit. It serves as justification. Especially the ‘when in Rome’ talk!

That ‘when in Rome’ talk is the height of what Rochas Okorohausa calls IBERIBERISM! No wonder Fela said ‘No be outside Buhari dey o. Na craze world be that, animal in craze man skin’. Igbo man say tufiakwa! Hausa say shege!

General Buhari was in South Africa on a Friday. Since South Africa is an overwhelmingly Christian nation, why did General Buhari not go to church on that Friday instead of mosque, since he was in South Africa. After all, he said ‘when in Rome, you do as the Romans do’. What a senseless statement. I wish South Africa can just keep him! When we say AFFIDAVIT can’t make General Buhari EMINENTLY qualified, the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal disagreed. Now look at the disgrace Nigeria is suffering in South Africa with his ‘when in Rome’ talk. You can’t CROWN a CLOWN and expect a KING!

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