That Kaduna House of Horror

Nasir El-Rufai

The news of the rescued 400 men and boys at an ‘Islamic School’ in Kaduna penultimate weekend, chained down like common criminals by operators of the centre, was a sad reminder of the slave trade age in the 21stcentury.

Unfortunately, before the Nigeria police swooped on the place to rescue the victims, an international news platform, BBC had first reported it, with a news slant that painted the country primitive, retrogressive and inhuman. But thank goodness, the Nigeria police took the initiative and acted commendably fast. And now that the authorities had moved in and taken charge of the situation; it is expected that the matter would be followed through, logically.

But beyond the dismissal by Islamic leaders in the state that the place was not an ‘Islamic School’ is the need for them to make more conscious efforts and expose many of such houses of horror in Kaduna and beyond.

This appears a cheap ploy to smear Islam and they must do everything humanly possible to prove that they are on the same page with both the state and the federal governments on this. They must rise to the occasion in their right as leaders and stand together to wrestle the monster that tends to stigmatise them and their religion.