Fanfare for Sujimoto at 5: Sijibomi Ogundele Marks Anniversary in Grand Style

Sijibomi Ogundele

Some names remain unknown because its bearers don’t deserve to be known. Others are merely unknown at the moment as its bearers cook up a glorious plot to break into the comity of the famous and stay there in perpetuity. Those who already know the maverick that is Sijibomi Ogundele are expectant of big things for the super-rich young man. Those who don’t know him yet better pay attention. Change is coming to the construction industry in the country and Sijibomi is at the head of it.

Popularly called Sujimoto by his clients and teeming fans, Sijibomi hosted the creme of high society to a high-octane anniversary shindig to mark the fifth year since he launched his construction company. When he started out with his vision of bringing architectural masterpieces to Nigeria, precisely in highbrow Lagos, not a few people scoffed and taunted and assured him he would come crawling back with his tail tucked between his legs.

But the daring young man paid no heed to all the negativity and went ahead to float his business. He trusted in his own talents and acumen to carve a big niche of the construction sector for himself and his talents and acumen have not failed him.
These days, Sujimoto has become a byword for luxury residential terraces. As each world class building clambers to the sky, so does Sujimoto’s prestige. His latest projects Giuliano by Sujimoto and Lucrezia by Sujimoto, the latter the tallest building in posh Banana Island, have already sent heads swiveling and tongues wagging in wonderment.

Little wonder everyone wants a piece of Africa’s fast-rising real estate innovator. The evidence was clear for all to see during his company’s fifth anniversary bash. The event was hosted by Bovi and Dayo Benjamin-Laniyi and attracted a galaxy of eminent personalities including public and private sector investors, all angling to put their money where Sujimoto’s hand is.