NGO to Build Multi-sport Stadium for Special Need Children in Abuja


Olawale Ajimotokan and Udora Orizu in Abuja

A non-governmental organization (NGO), King of the World Foundation, Chabad Aid Humanitarian Projects for Nigeria has commenced the building of a multi-sport stadium for children with special needs at the Daughters of Charity Hope Centre, Kubwa Abuja.

At the ground breaking ceremony of the stadium, the Chief Rabbi of Lagos, Mendi Sternbach, said the organisation which seeks to bring help particularly to the needy, aims to go beyond just providing food for them but making provisions for those things which people tend to undermine.

The Rabbi noted that the reason they chose Daughters of Charity Orphanage is because of its uniqueness and willingness to become better.

“We have seen this place with a strong desire to improve the quality and service given to this children, once we heard about this place we knew we must do something to make a better change and we will like to copy this model in many other states across Nigeria.

“We are guided by the principle of education whether it is the ordinary children or special needs children. The intention is to bring the children that will benefit from the hope centre, we want this to be our pilot programme to see how we do this and learn how to do it on a better level and this is definitely not a one off project.”

The team leader of the orphanage, Rev Sr Victoria Nwosu while commending the Sternbach aid for their support urged the government to borrow a leaf and provide funds for special need children.

“It’s really difficult for us because this is an organization that is of charity services and in the past we had many donors coming to help us but because of the problem of insecurity, most of those donors they have all gone back and the running of the place is becoming quite difficult, so we invite all Nigerians, our friends to come and help us build up this place, our aim is that every child that comes here will go back home.”

Nwosu expressed optimism on the stadium project, adding that by the time it is completed, the children will enter into sports that will help them to realise their potentials.