AFARN Reiterates Commitment to Enhancing Safety


By Hamid Ayodeji

The Association of Foreign Airlines and Representatives in Nigeria (AFARN) has announced that its annual summit and awards is set to take place on 25th of September this year.

The theme of the conference is, “Unlocking the Potentials in the Aviation Industry through Safety.”

The President, AFARN, Kingsley Nwokoma, who spoke during a media briefing with journalists recently, said the summit would be addressing technical safety, maintenance and development issues that would help enhance safety as well as activities in the aviation industry.

According to him, AFARN remains committed to driving safety and maintenance in the sector, which is the bedrock of the aviation practices and also the objective of the forthcoming summit. 

He said, “If we do not have safe skies, safe aircrafts, adequately trained personnel the sector would not be able to survive nor develop.

“We need to continue to condition our minds in this sector that in all aspects of what we are doing safety comes. If you look at it from the perspective of maintenance, the crew, so in essence we are letting the world know once more that safe is a priority in this industry.”

Also, he pointed out that all the stakeholders that contribute and make up the industry such as, immigration officers, pilots, engineers, cargo crew and basically every arm of the industry present at the event.

“Also we are going to recognise those that have done great and deserve to be honored during the award ceremony of the summit.

“I believe that this recognition would motivate people to keep on doing great things in their various sections of the industry as awards would be given,” he added.