Jumia Mall to Boost Online Shopping Experience

Chief Executive Officer, Jumia Nigeria, Mrs. Juliet Anammah,

Jumia, an e-commerce platform for online shopping has launched its Jumia Mall, designed to further boost customers’ online shopping experience.
Jumia Mall is an online space dedicated to various brands on the Jumia website, which helps consumers to find products that are 100 per cent genuine, and offering a return policy of 15 days on the platform, which is slightly different from the seven days return policy on the Jumia regular website.

With the Jumia Mall, consumers can also enjoy faster delivery as all the brands on the mall have their products seated in Jumia’s warehouse, thus enabling products delivery to consumers as fast as possible.

Announcing the launch of Jumia Mall in Lagos recently, the Chief Executive Officer, Jumia Nigeria, Juliet Anammah, said: “Jumia itself is a marketplace, which means that anyone who has a shop can sell their products on the website, and people browse and go directly to the brands just the same way they go into a physical malls. So just like the physical malls or the regular Jumia website, we now have a dedicated space on the website called the Jumia Mall, where customers can access those brands directly. It means that if the brands are running an offer, customers can find such offer when they visit the brand’s corner on the Jumia Mall.”

“We also have other things on the Jumia websites such as Jumia Global, which are items coming from abroad that can be found on this space as well.
“So the essence of Jumia Mall is to make the browsing experience for consumers a lot easier. If instance, if customers desire to visit a particular brand online to find out what the brand is offering, the customer quickly go to Jumia Mall. If the customers want to see the assortment coming from abroad, they go to Jumia Global, but if they want to see the other products coming from small shops, then they can browse on the regular categories on the Jumia website.”

Addressing quality of products on Jumia Mall, the Head of Mobile Category, Jumia Nigeria, Kolawole Osinowo, said: “What we have done with Jamal Mall is to ensure that the products coming in are either coming from the brands directly, or they are coming from the authorised distributors of the of the brands or the authorised resellers of the brand. So with that in place, customers are assured of getting genuine products on the Jumia Mall. Aside that we, have our own quality process within our warehouse system and our logistics system to ensure that whatever the brands are bringing, matches correctly with what is displayed on Jumia Mall. This is to ensure that customers get exactly what they ordered for.”

Head of Categories, Jumia Nigeria, Michael Adesanya, said Jumia was able to put some processes in place, which ensured that customers get the true quality of product they ordered for. “One of the processes is that any brand that is on Jumia Mall, must have its products seated in our warehouse. For the purpose of quality and trust, we insist that products of various brands must first come to our warehouse to enable us do all the necessary quality control before shipping,” Adesanya said.

“We have warranty on all our products on Jumia Mall, which is not different from the manufacturer’s warranty. What we are ensuring is that if customers are coming on Jumia Mall, they need to be rest assured that we cannot compromise on warranty, and that the customers are satisfied with the warranty period,” Adesanya added.

Speaking on the network capacity to manage influx of customers on Jumia Mall, Anammah said: “We have a robust network capacity to manage customers that will be shopping and browsing on Jumia Mall. Jumia itself services customers across all regions of the country and we are not limited to Lagos customers alone and our value proposition remains the same. We have completely the capacity to to serve customers and we have been doing that perfectly since inception.”

Adesanya explained that Jumia currently has over 80 brands that are on Jumia Mall, adding that for the brands to qualify to be on the platform, they have to be a brand, they have to be on Jumia Express, which is another platform from Jumia where brands display their products on Jumia warehouse, and another quality is on warranty.

“The brands must have acceptable warranty period for their products. The brands also need to honour the 15 day return policy. Any brand that can meet all these criteria, qualifies to be on the Jumia Mall,” Adesanya said.