Chika Ike In the Eyes of Beauty

Having made a successful outing in Nollywood and then dabbled into writing, authoring a book, Nollywood diva, Chika Ike, a serial entrepreneur set out to redefine the beauty industry with the launch of Chika Cosmetics, writes Funke Olaode

No doubt, Nollywood diva is making a mark in all endeavours; first as a real estate mogul, actress, author and now an entrepreneur with the launch of her range of beauty products. She is going through life making a mark as she set out on how Nigerian women should remain beautiful. Chika Ike has joined the league of celebrities with a cosmetics line.

After making a mark in the film industry and fashion world with Fancy Nancy store, and lately an author of repute with her book “Boss Up” which was unveiled last year and recently got commendation from the prestigious Harvard University where she was an alumnus, Nollywood Diva, Chika Ike scored another first recently when she launched Chika Cosmetics named after herself. The well-attended launch which had the media in attendance took place inside the conference hall of Westwood hotel in Ikoyi, Lagos.

Glowing in a pink net Cinderella dress, Chika looked stunning and gorgeous like a princess attending a banquet. Every year she keeps evolving as she is coming out with new things.
Chika Cosmetics is a personal project which was conceived two years ago. The screen diva said she is coming out with ranges of beauty products but eye shadow and lip gloss which come out in different colours are the first set.

Explaining her new trade, she said, “This initiative took me two years and I am happy that it is here. Chika Cosmetics is coming up with a range of products but we decided to start with the makeup line being the first product to be introduced into the market. It is very exciting for me and brain cracking one. It is interesting that I have been able to birth what I have conceived over a year ago and finally is here. Our first range of products is 18 pallet eye shadow with vibrant colours and 12 colours lip gloss.”

Considering the saturated market of beauty products, Chika said hers is special.
“I will say the fact that my name being on the brand is a kind of endorsement for quality and high standard. And for me to push out a product and say this is it means I have tested and trusted it. And this makes it special. Also, the ingredients used are not regular type. It took many months of research and visitation to factories around the world to ensure that we got the right ingredients for my product. It is a product that lasts for 24 hours if you don’t sweat a lot. The texture is smooth, silky and has vibrant colours. The packaging also is inviting. Beyond the product, the packaging is very attractive. My sweat, DNA is in this product. My word of assurance is that it is two years of testing, trial, and I can boldly say it suits all skin types.”

With her footprint in Nollywood, fashion and recently as an author, why going into beauty line? She explained: “Within the entertainment and the beauty industry people look at you as a role model. I love cosmetics. For me, I love to do something that I am passionate about. Passion comes before anything. I am very passionate about the beauty industry. The beauty industry is huge. And I said let me make a mark”

Though no prior training in the beauty business but her 14 years foray in the movie industry, her experience as a model, learning under the tutelage of beauty mogul all came in handy to push her brand to become a brand to reckon with.
How affordable and who are her target market? She said her brand is for everyone who wants to look beautiful. “Looking good is key. So we are affordable. The eye shadow pallet is N5, 000 while the lip kit is N2, 000.
As the products set to hit the Nigerian market, the actress who continues to be an inspiration to upcoming actresses and entrepreneurs said she intends to make it a pan African product as time progresses.

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