CAN, Kumuyi Canvass National Rebirth Amid Security Challenges


Chibuzor Oluchi

The General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor Williams Kumuyi and the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) have called for national rebirth and revival as panacea to security challenges nationwide.

They also emphasised the need for the body of Christ to come together and unite in faith for an end-time revival expected to spread across Lagos and beyond.

Kumuyi made the call at a Night of Glory held at the Abundant Life Gospel Church, Agege where he encouraged Christian leaders nationwide to focus on the message of Jesus Christ to ignite revival and rebirth across the federation.

The programme was organised by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Lagos State, for ministers’ development and networking support with the purpose of uniting the church and preparing it for end-time revival.

Among others, the programme was attended by the Chairman of Lagos CAN, Apostle Alexander Bamgbola and the secretary, Prophet Israel Akinadewo.

In his message, Kumuyi explained that the ministry of Jesus Christ “has a threefold manifestation that entails teaching, preaching and healing. The gospel is good news that brings grace to the believer; peace and salvation. it is a gospel of the kingdom of God.”

Kumuyi added that the grace that was available “to the apostles and disciples of Jesus Christ is also available for all believers today. The grace that was available for Paul is available for you.

“The grace available to Mark, Luck, Matthew and John is available for you. Christian leaders should put faith in God because the gospel of Jesus Christ will make a believer a citizen of the kingdom of God.”

Kumuyi said sin and evil would destroy the fabrics of people’s life, though turning away from them and embracing Christ would lead to change of life and attitude.

He said the programme was aimed at breaking the demarcation in the body of Christ, and that the programme would soon be moved to the entire Southwest states.

Also at the programme, Bamgbola explained the rationale behind the Night of Glory, which according to him, was the new and final phase of revival that would envelop Nigeria.

He said: “We have pastor Kumuyi and we are all rallying around him through CAN Lagos State to start the work which is going to cover not just Lagos, but is going to cover Africa and the world.”

Bamgbola stated that the church “is one, hence CAN Lagos is leading the charge to bring Christians in the state together for end-time revival. Here you will see all members of the church. Whether Anglican, Methodist, Orthodox or Pentecostal, we are members of the church.

“Also, members of the Organisation of African Institutional Churches (OAIC) are here. We call them white garment churches. We are all in white garment. I am always in white garment. I am white garment. So, the church is white garment. We are all together.

“The lord is using Lagos State to begin ‘Night of Glory’ to signal end-time revival in Christendom.

He said that Nigeria belongs to God and that no amount of negative permutation can stop God’s plan for the nation.

“This nation belongs to Christ, no matter what is going on, that is why the devil is attacking this nation. God raised Pastor Kumuyi. God raised Pastor Enoch Adeboye. God raised these men to affect the world. As bad as they say we are; God sees Nigeria as a great nation because he built it as a nation that has the gospel.”

Bamgbola said God has raised Kumuyi “to be an instrument of revival to prepare and build the church. God has raised a man who is given the mandate to begin the final revival about the coming of the Lord, and that is what we are beginning to see.

“Kumuyi is raised by God not to build Deeper Life Church alone; building Deeper Life Church was just the beginning of his calling; this phase of his calling is for the whole earth and the calling is for him to be instrument of revival.

“We must come together and prepare the people of God for the coming of the Lord. This is the final move of God and cannot be stopped. We must support the effort of the man of God (Kumuyi). We are taking this programme to the Southwest,” he said.

Also speaking, Akinadewo said the programme “is just the beginning of ending denominational barrier in the Christendom. You can see me in my full attire and you will be surprised Baba Kumuyi is also coming to my Church in Ibeju.

“So, what we are telling the public is what the scriptures told us to do. There is no Catholic. There is no Anglican. There is white garment in heaven, but only the true children of Christ. Night of Glory’ with Pastor Kumuyi is the realisation of what Christ actually expected of Christians.

“This is only starting in Lagos, and that it is aimed at putting an end to all forms of denominational differences in the church. This is just the beginning of ending denominational barrier in the Christendom,” the CAN scribe said.