Security Still Worrisome

While the dust raised by the recent xenophobia in South Africa is yet to settle and is also being addressed at the highest level of international diplomacy, the state of security back home in Nigeria cannot afford to be lost in the midst of all of that.

There is no doubt that government has been making attempts lately to dismiss the extent of the security challenge by reeling off what it considered some of its recent feats in the area of security in the country. Unfortunately, these do not reflect the reality on the ground in any part of the country.

To that extent, whilst government continues to tackle the sudden xenophobic distraction from faraway South Africa, it cannot afford to abdicate its primary responsibility, which is the security of life and property but which appears to have suffered the most for obvious reasons.

Thus, as it is common knowledge, security is still appalling and government must rise up to this challenge, because it not only diminishes its successes in other areas, no matter what they are, it sadly suggests the absence of an effective government.

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