Doris Uboh-Ogunkoya Bids Politics Farewell?

Doris Uboh

Doris Uboh

As a politician, Hon. Doris Uboh-Ogunkoya is said to have represented the Ika Federal Constituency of Delta State between 2007 and 2011 very well.

Society Watch gathered that she surpassed the records of many of her predecessors in the area of good representation of the constituency.

However, in spite of her reported sterling performances, her re-election bid failed in 2011. Also, her attempt to stage a comeback in 2015 when she contested on the platform of the Accord Party did not yield any fruits.

Definitely, her constituents could not wait to see her return to the National Assembly, where she had imparted positively on the lives of people in her constituency.

But again, she couldn’t survive the alleged gang-up from those who hated her guts, she was eaten by the wicked sharks in the murky waters of Nigeria’s politics.

Consequently, she met a brick wall, as she was defeated by the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Victor Nwokolo.

It was also gathered that her attempt to seek redress in court of law was fruitless.

Those close to her say it was a trying period for her, as her account was also garnished by the court.

Today, if the information available to Society Watch is anything to go by, this woman of substance, who is also the boss of Dagasteel International Limited, may have bid farewell to politics, as she has not participated in the game and not seen in her constituency since she lost election four years ago.

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