Furious Housemates, Continuous  Task and Trending Mercy


It’s been a week of challenges for housemates with back to back task and interesting turn of drama and as usual, twists to it after the Arla/Dano Milk Cooking Challenge. At the end, housemates were furious that the judges crowned the team of Tacha, Frodd, Khafi and Omashola winners. With Biggie flipping the nomination coin, housemates returned to the former process where they nominated each other for possible eviction. Frodd and Venita were the most nominated while Elozonam, Seyi and Omashola trailed behind. Seyi who won the veto power this week replaced himself with Khafi. Ferdinand Ekechukwu reports

Sore Tales of a Looser

Team Legends mourn their loss to Team Enigma in another wager task. Where there are winners, there will also be losers. Team Enigma is basking in the joy of another victory, but team Legends isn’t taking it so well. A hurt Venita couldn’t keep the tears from flowing as she found comfort in Seyi’s arms. At first, it seems like it was her team’s loss that got to her, but as it turns out, it was more than that. 

Her complain to Seyi about Frodd and Omashola made it a lot more obvious that she wasn’t pleased to be in the team she was.

 It was like watching all the cool kids play and you couldn’t join them and watching them win, made it worse. Venita also found Mercy gloating as they were announced winners a bit too painful to bear. Assuring her, Seyi responded that she wasn’t the target of their chants, but Tacha.

“Tacha is the main person Mercy and Diane were gunning for,” he explained.

“I would have loved to shout too after what happened today, but because of you, I kept my cool.”

The Lamentations of  Omashola

The reality of the punishment team Legends is about to bear dawned on Omashola and he ended up lamenting to Mercy and Ike. 

What makes his predicament a whole lot worse is that not only did his team have to bear the punishment from losing last week wager task, they now have to bear additional punishment for losing this week’s wager task. Certainly, tough times await Omashola and team Legends. 

Maybe it was a good decision he made, burying his sorrows in a bottle. 

Meanwhile, Elozonam, Mercy, Ike are still feeling smug with their teams’ victory at the Wager Task. In their conversations, they look forward to the punishment Biggie has in store for team Legends. It however turned out that Big Brother had to serve the team the necessary punishment; cleaning the Big Brother Naija house to draining the Jacuzzi.

Lovers Mercy and Ike as joint Head of House

Big Brother Naija housemates and couple, Ike and Mercy made history by becoming the first-ever joint Head of House in the reality show. 

During the HOH competition, the pair won the game of throwing balls into the cup and had to be made the joint head of house for the week. 

When Biggie told them to decide who will get the HOH immunity this week, Mercy agreed to let her boo Ike have it. Both housemates also won 250 Bet Naija coins for winning HOH competition.

Trending With Mercy 


Mercy sure brings on a lot of Pepper in the house and Twittersphere absolutely agree to this. 

Twitter is always abuzz with whatever Lamborghini Mercy does in the Big Brother Naija house is always picked up on tweets about her moments. Too many conversations on twitter streets about the status of Mercy’s butt but for some, ‘they die there’. Saturday Night Parties with Mercy is always a lit affair with those outfits that fit like second skin, Mercy has served it hot. 

These tweets say it all. How many boxes of clothes did Mercy bring to the Pepper Dem House? We don’t know but babe has served us outfit goals since she entered the House. 

 Just like everybody in the Big Brother Naija house, sexy Mercy loves to win but this is not always the case as you lose some and you win some. Mercy’s accent has been term ‘Amerigbo’, a fusion of American and Igbo accent.