Firm Launches Data Fellowship Programme


iDAF, a non-governmental organisation that focuses on creating Artificial Intelligence (AI) empowered community in Africa, has introduced iAspire Data Science Fellowship Programme, which entails a combination of data inference, algorithms, and technology that solves complex problems.

Core of the technology is data that is initially raw, then is streamlined, and stored in a data warehouse. These vast amounts of data can help generate significant business values.

Today, leading organisations bring their Data Science and Business Intelligence practices together, providing them with timely and centralized access to corporate data.

To this end, the iDAF’s flagship programme aims to train and prepare Nigerian bright minds to use Artificial Intelligence and advanced machine and deep learning concepts to tackle business and social problems.
The programme is a two-year programme that includes six-month comprehensive data science training and 18 months of professional work as a data scientist consultant with iDAF’s partner, Data Wrangling.

In addition, successful graduates take a cloud certification in AWS, Azure or Google.
Participants on the two-year journey will also enjoy a team of mentors from the industry and academia that brings all the interaction, social learning, localised capstone project and a globally accepted cloud certification.

Speaking to the media recently about the programme, the Co-founder/CEO of iDAF, Theophilus Medeiros, said the data science program would offer a comprehensive curriculum for participants and designed for the industry.

“iAspire Data Science Fellowship is about the only data science program in Africa that offers the most comprehensive curriculum and a guaranteed Cloud Certification. Curriculum designed & being constantly updated to cater to industry needs by experienced data science practitioners and professors.

“The programme creates a portfolio of 10 mini-projects and a capstone project across industries of your choice to showcase your skills and knowledge and will definitely offer participants knowledge about the theory of current data science technologies with hands-on experience,” Medeiros said.