How lifestyle influencing led me into fashion business – MUFASA


In this contemporary period when youths of his cadre are fast taking on the fast lane to make un-sweated for money by all means, albeit illegitimate or otherwise, one young guy that has been doing well for himself is this dynamic, versatile, fast-thinking, impressive and upwardly mobile guy called Aliu Oluwadamilare, popularly known as Mufasa.

The awe-inspiring 21-year-old exceptional Nigerian, who hails from the ancient town ofOndo in Ondo State is a fast-rising new generation lifestyle influencer and an event/PR practitioner, who, since he launched out in his vocation, has been able to carve a niche for himself across the large community of influencers in Nigeria.

His educational background may be sparingly scanty, but the little he had speaks of his monumental achievements at a very relatively young age. He has the First School Leaving Certificate, West African Examinations, WAEC, Certificate, and a Higher National Diploma, HND, in Metallurgical Engineering, with a. Certificate in Google’s Digital Skill Acquisition program.

Mufasa is a vibrant young man, ever willing to grow and achieve meaningful results that will inspire the youths in Nigeria, and in his immediate peers, about how anyone does not have to wait for a particular time before he or she can achieve what they desire.

Mufasa has been able to work on few projects that have developed him personally, such as:Trace Live in the city; Welcome 2 Summer; Oxymoron of Kennyblaq; Tripple Slam Festival; and a few others just to mention a few.

He has also been able to work with some Nigerian brands, such as Gokada, Kpako Wears, No Story TV, Nescafé and many others. Mufasa believes that, in a few years from now, he would have been able to execute some personal projects of his and a proper agency that will operate to empower youths through the entertainment and showbiz industry.

‘Most of the recent events that have been organized in Nigeria are mostly done to garner crowd and make money. Without being immodest, their true aims are not always achieved or realized, because along the line, consciously or unconsciously, their main purposes are overlooked and the events end up being a platform set aside to make money directly or indirectly from the largely unsuspecting masses.  But for me, I want to plan an event that has a purpose and sticks to that purpose, regardless of whatever shortcomings I experience. I always stick to the purpose,’ he averred.

In another similar venture in his stable, versatile, pro-active and very dynamic Musafa is about now wrapping up plans to launch out officially his fledgling fashion outfit that will dictate a different and unique dimension in the seemingly untapped industry by the present practitioners. Hear him: ‘I’m launching out soon a clothing line, tagged “Major General.” Major General is a lifestyle and fashion brand that will seek to change the narrative of fashion and lifestyle with the new generation. This is a brand that is set to kick off its activities with series of events like the “Major General Collection” release, so everyone should watch out.’’ My inspiration stems from the innate urge to do something different in the Nigerian space and very inspiring and exemplary to the youth and coming generation. Everyone begins to do something which a lot of people are already into. I want to do something not so many people have tried; something irregular and uncommon. That has been my moving and guiding principle over the years.’