Fayemi: We Disqualified Contractors for Lack of Values

Kayode Fayemi
Kayode Fayemi

Shola Oyeyipo in Lagos

Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi yesterday disclosed that many capable contractors were disqualified in his state for lack of good character and values, thereby urging the youths nationwide to build career on integrity.

Also popular comedian, Dr. Helen Paul has challenged youths in the country’s to develop good values capable of helping them take up the position of leadership at different levels across the federation.
The duo gave the admonition at the 2019 Abuja annual Teens Conference 2019 held at the Everlasting Arms Parish, Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Abuja.

Fayemi emphasized the need for the youths “to discover their talents, develop good values and apply them to influence their environments positively.”
Fayemi said while conducting due diligence on contractors seeking to work with his state, many qualified people were disqualified when result showed that they had been found dishonest previously.

He, also, made reference to the campaign slogan of former US President Barrack Obama, noting that change “will not come automatically if we wait for some other persons, or if we wait for some other times.”
Fayemi said: “We are the ones to make change happen. We are the change that we are seeking. The Nigerian youths must begin to take up leadership from now.

“As a people, when we talk about you as future leaders, we think we are talking about a time far ahead. You are not a leader of the future. You are the leader of now. It is about what you do to nurture other leaders.

“But if you do not nurture your talents, you will not end up being a leader to emulate. You must invest time in developing your talent in order to become a celebrated expert and even when you are talented, get proper education.”

He, therefore, said nothing “crowns the gift of talent than developing your character because character is destiny and that will define you at the end of the day.”

He urged the participants to consciously build a good character that could help them in life; move with good company; read books that enhance character; build their self-esteem; communicate well and study more.
Also at the conference, Paul explained to the participants how challenges threatened to destroy her dreams.
She urged youths “never to allow their dreams to be killed.” Adding, “either they like it or not, you are the ones that will lead us tomorrow.”

She explained various human temperaments and how they could affect peoples’ attitudes, noting that good behaviour “is very key to every gift you have.”
She urged the youths “to moderate their characters. Great people are very great in controlling their emotions. It is not easy, but learn to control your emotion. You should keep learning instead of thinking you are perfect.”

Speaking at the conference which was designed to build the next generation of exemplary leaders in the country, the Chairman, THISDAY Editorial Board, Mr. Olusegun Adeniyi who is also the convener of the conference observed that it was good to be successful, but added that it was better to be recognized as boy or girl of integrity or good character.