Acknowledge Security Challenges, Bishop Tells Buhari

Bishop Mike Okonkwo

Kasim Sumaina in Abuja

Bishop of The Redeem Evangelical Mission (TREM), Bishop Mike Okonkwo, yesterday in Abuja urged President Muhammadu Buhari to rise to the occasion and own up to the security challenges currently ravaging the country.

Okonkwo, while fielding questions from journalists on security challenges bedevilling the country, stated that the present situation stares every Nigerian in the face.

“Well, I have always said something concerning this country that, when the troubles of this country are handled from tribal, religious, political or personal sentiments, we miss the whole point. And, as long as you look at Nigeria situation from those parameters, we will go nowhere.”

While lamenting that the security challenges were virtually bringing Nigerians to their knees, he however observed that citizens must know that the situation has nothing to do with politics.

He urged everyone to know that there is a problem which they must own up to.

According to him, “we are as Nigerians must own it as a problem and if we don’t own it, we cannot interrogate it. As long as we are pointing saying, oh, this person is doing it, or that person is doing it, we won’t get anywhere.

“Anyone who says that there are no issues in Nigeria is either blind, dumb or dishonest. We are having a security situation and which seems as if no one has an answer to what is going on.

“And I think the time has come to stop apportioning blames and own it and we must rid our country of these people who are perpetrating these evil in our nation then, we begin to come to the headway,” he said.

“Those perpetrating these evil came from somewhere. They didn’t drop from the sky. Is it that the people in that area cannot fish out who is responsible for these things and bring them to order? “

“Those people don’t do what they do and disappear; they are living in the same communities where we are living. I recently told some traditional rulers my personal opinion that, if somebody came to my town or a place where I’m the head, and begin to kill people indiscriminately, then, I will suspend both the governor and the traditional ruler.

“How can that happen in a place that I am in charge doing nothing to fish out the perpetrators. Where are they from; where are they emanating from? They will shoot people in the highway and run into the bush in a state where somebody is a governor.

“So, the president, governors and traditional rulers should own the current security challenges in the country. Everyday they are crying. They shouldn’t be crying because, I’m tired of their cries; they should do something which is the reason why they are the leaders. From A to Z should own these problems,” he declared.