‘House Girls’ Documentary Causes Media Frenzy 


The Creative minds of producers, John Adewusi and Jola Ayeye of Salt and Truth productions have put together a PSA from their upcoming documentary, which highlights the experiences of House Girls in Nigerian homes. 

The short but deep clip shows the life of two young girls of the same age, one a house girl and the other a child in the house where the house girl was employed. 

The video did a mirror take on the life of both kids as they wake up every morning, start their day and how the routine.

Adewusi had this to say, “In millions of homes across Nigeria, the exploitation of children as providers of arduous, menial labour is quietly, socially accepted. This documentary delves into the social and economic elements that make this gross abuse, thrive. This is a fixture that has become very common in the average Nigerian home.”

Over the weekend, social media users were touched by the message the video had to share. It has since gotten over a million views and over 35,000 comments across all social media platforms and has pushed the conversation to a wider audience.