Edo Crisis and Misplaced Big Brother Roles

Godwin Obaseki

With a rather arrogant undertone, both the presidency and the senate last week attempted a rather poor intervention in the ongoing crisis in Edo State, when they ‘directed’ and ‘instructed’ Governor Godwin Obaseki to re-issue the proclamation for a fresh inauguration of the state House of Assembly.

Of course, as one who knew the extent of his powers and understands the nuances of the game, Obaseki has since responded, saying there would be no such thing. Although he was not averse to both sides shifting grounds, he has refused to appear unworthy of the office of the governor, by allowing anyone toss him around, where he is expected to assert his authority.

But if the truth must be told, both President Muhammadu Buhari and the Senate leadership erred in the manner they intervened, particularly their language use. How can they sit in the comfort of their homes or offices and ‘ordered’ or ‘instructed’ an elected governor to do something?

Who else plays unsolicited big brother in a matter that is clearly out of their purview and acting as though it’s a party affair? They’d better not push their luck in Edo. The opposition here is very much a force to reckon with hence if it makes any false move, it could be game over for the ruling party.