Jaywize Expands into Retail Business


Jaywize is a major name on the rap music scene, steadily pushing his crafts and making a name in the entertainment industry. He is without doubt one of the strongholds of rap music in the East where he has a huge growing fan base. 

Over time, Jaywize hasn’t ceased to blow the minds of his fans with good music from flows ringing in your ears in Igbo to seasoned verses in French, topped with English lyrics, making him a vast powerhouse. He recently ventured into retail business, starting off an online grocery store, IZaron which, since its launch, has grown exceedingly well. 

Speaking on the concept of his brand, he said, “Izaron is an online grocery giant and a mirror to variety of natural land production. I have always wanted to digitalise the local market. 

I actually started Izaron after I noticed that many groceries are chemically preserved and people consume these chemicals everyday which is very unsafe for consumption, so I teamed up with farmers to supply us with these groceries daily at very affordable rates, and we deliver to final consumers. 

Izaron is the safest place to buy groceries at the farm price and quantity. We deliver on the same day and you can equally pay on delivery.”