I Was Harassed By Film Producers at Onset


Marvelous Dominion is an actress who is in a class of her own when it comes to style and role interpretation. She talks to Tosin Clegg about herself, studying in London,  kicking off her career and so much more

Marvelous Dominion is a sweet loving girl

I’m from Akwa Ibom State. I have a heart of gold, God fearing, humble, loyal, honest and, most of all, very daring. I was born and raised here in Lagos. I attended both primary and secondary schools here until I went to the UK to further my education in Film Acting. Childhood aspirations have always been to be successful and achieve my goals in life, and to make it, not just in my career but also in life. 

I started my career at the age of 16

I took it further at 17, through the help of an amazing man I met many years ago. He auditioned me and felt like I was the right candidate or actress for his artistic project. With the money I made at the time, I decided to go to the UK to further my education in film acting, instead of just having it as a talent. I wanted to explore other areas of art. So, it was a good choice I made and that’s how it all started. I know I am an exceptional actor, very daring and talented and the best way to define my acting style will be the Stanislavski’s System.

I read Contemporary Performing Arts at Oxford Brookes University/London Academy of Media Film and TV. That exposure has certainly put me on another echelon, which is why I am the type of actor I am today. I’ve no restrictions whatsoever. I still have my morals for sure. Notwithstanding, I am very open to any type of acting. I feel like as an actor, you should be very open to any thing, because that’s what you signed up for to be an actor.

Challenges so far

When I started, it was crazy and almost unbearable. Film makers harassed me here and there that I needed to do this and that before they could cast me. It was really messy, trust me. I rejected so many nasty and dirty offers. I was never desperate. I knew what I wanted. I am not necessarily in it to be famous and most of all famous for the wrong reasons. I want my work, my craft, to be appreciated. I want to enjoy the process, I want to make money out of it also, then the fame will flow naturally and I’ll enjoy my fame that way, knowing that I did the right thing to get there. That’s what some people fail to understand. Most of them are in it for the fame of it all and are being propelled to doing the wrong things to achieve that and at the end they result in failure or ridicule. Shame! I have been a victim before, whenever I went for auditioning, I get picked one way or another and it always ends with I like you. Most of them say the sentence ‘I want to protect you in the industry’ and I’m like really? I am a trained actor and i’m I supposed to sleep with a producer or director to get a movie role? So, that is the main reason why I have to keep my cool in the industry.

I am open to all roles as long as it’s not trashy

It has to be intense and part of my goals as an actress is to communicate my character to an audience. Improve more and be better in my skills and to make a living out of it. So far, I have featured in several productions and movies, such as 3some the play, Soldier story 2, Abiku, Battleground, Almost Perfect and a lot more. 

Aside acting, I’m into other things

I’m also a model. I’m working on producing my perfume line which is still a work in progress. Then, I’m working on producing my first movie by God’s grace. I’m also delving into other business aspects which I can’t really speak about now. 

Social media and its effect on youths

As regards effects, I really don’t know. I just hope people don’t get too carried away by the things they see on social media. Already, people follow gossips and it’s almost like a movie what’s happening out here in this social media era. Everyone is going overboard. The good thing is people still go to the cinema to see our films, they still watch television, so yeah, we are still on point. 

I have only one mentor

A mentor to me is someone I listen to almost everyday; an adviser and someone who impacts my life positively. Also, it’s someone who encourages and motivates me. So, I can’t have more than one, so I don’t get confused.

In a few years, I see myself not just as an actor but an entrepreneur. To be a film maker, owning my own production company where I’ll be able to produce all sorts. I’m already working towards that but creativity is my asset and so, in other words, I am my greatest asset. 

Things I enjoy doing

I love to shop, as buying new things gives me joy. I love to play with dogs. I love dancing and singing even though my voice isn’t exactly perfect. I love to party, hang out with friends and family once in a while.

 I love to explore new activities. Love to read and research. I detest lies because I try to always speak the truth when necessary. I don’t like to be idle, makes me really really sick.