UK-based DJ Won’t Stop Cruising in New Album

P Tee Money

His name, P Tee Money, has become a virtual household name when it comes to infused electronic music with hip hop. He has no doubt carved a niche for himself doing music which transcends all borders with all beats and sonorous melodies.

The EDM artiste recently released a new album, entitled, ‘I Won’t Stop,’ which is carefully crafted, featuring a slew of artistes in the music industry.

‘P Tee Money,’ whose real name is Prince Thompson Iyamu, is a UK-based DJ/Producer, EDM Electronic artiste, performing actor and author, remains one of the most diversified performing artistes in the UK night scene; and his focus and determination are fast drawing attention from the masses, just as he continues to build his classic brand in the music world.

His productions cross a wide range of electronic music styles in every genre, with no limits or bounds. From R&B, pop, reggae, and Afro-pop genres.

P Tee Money belongs to a select worldwide list of DJs and producers, whose music is ample proof that the well of rich musical wealth is far from getting dry.

“I think I’m a stronger producer now than I’ve ever been, my sensibilities regarding the use of my skills, and my growth as a DJ and music producer. But I’ve always been a make-the-best-of-the-situation person. So I think what’s evolved from that is that my style has embraced a lot of different sounds which I’m very grateful for.”

The highly-charismatic personality has also authored books such as ‘The Jezebel Next Door,’ The Players Code,’ and his 2019 yet-to-be-released books titled “Wild Seduction’’ and ‘Being With You’. He is currently working on a new collaboration single with a new upcoming Nigerian artiste, ‘Pat-E,’ which will be released soon.