BBNaija Update: Tacharacteristics of the New Pepper Dem Housemates


You may be forgiven if you are yet to add the portmanteau ‘Tacharacteristics’ to your vocabulary. It is the latest word to emerge from the Big Brother Naija House reality show after the Sunday Live Eviction Show drama between host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and housemate Tacha. Ebuka in his usual ‘pepper dem’ mode asked Tacha to list three characteristics of a Big Brother Naija winner to which the latter answered “Tacha,Tacha, Tacha.” This wasn’t the answer Ebuka expected but further attempts to get the desired answer from the spicy housemate yielded the same result. This set Twitter on fire as fans of the show expressed their like or dislike for the housemate. Some criticised her inability to define the word ‘characteristic’ while others went for Ebuka’s jugular for putting their favourite housemate on the spot. Thus, the birth of Tacharacteristics on the microblogging site.

However, with the new added housemates in the house, Tacha may want to reconsider her definition of Big Brother Naija winner. Before taking a bow on the Eviction show, Ebuka hinted that Biggie was going to introduce a new twist in the house on Tuesday by 7pm. Not a few stayed glued to the DStv channel 198 and GOtv channel 29 to find out what the big surprise was.

Then the stunning Venita entered the house and swept Omashola off his feet. It is the first time the Delta indigene is showing any interest in a female since he entered the house. The housemates at first seemed confused but quickly recovered and flashed their teeth to the newcomer. While they were still recovering from the pleasant surprise, another male contestant Elozonam entered the house. It became apparent that the new additions were unsettling the housemates, though some claimed to be indifferent or excited, Mercy frankly expressed her displeasure. She wasn’t comfortable with the mind games and twists. But it’s Biggie’s house and he makes the rules. Wednesday night saw another pepper dem gang enter the house, further unnerving the housemates. This time, another stunning female contestant Enkay and good-looking male contestant Joe. Although the latter’s curly moustache is a trending meme on social media. Frodd who is the Head of House for this week tried to get cozy with Enkay after Omashola carefully deflected his attempt on Venita while Joe and Khafi seemed to be very familiar with each other. Should Gedoni be worried?

It is not the first time that Big Brother has introduced fake housemates into the house during the game to shake things up. Whether the contestants are aware of this trick doesn’t matter. What matters is how they will keep their cool and up their game as they inch closer to the coveted title and prize. Venita, a former video vixen and actress is feisty, Elozonam who is a comedian seemed very cool on the surface, Enkay gives savagery responses and Joe is an embodiment of mischief.

This week also had its share of drama. There was the case of Esther’s missing Bet9ja coins which led to a heated argument between the lovebirds Mercy and Ike. Ike had frankly told Mercy that he would pick the N60 million grand prize over her without blinking. The truth is bitter and Mercy had difficulty swallowing this piece of news. The two however resolved their differences later.

For Esther, it was a different case. She didn’t find the prank played on her funny. When the culprit finally returned some of the coins to Esther, he or she did it in a peppery way. The person left a note admitting that the prank was over. This infuriated Esther the more. She rained curses on the unknown perpetrator but later calmed down.

Since Frodd assumed the role of HoH, some of the housemates felt he had become insufferable, notably Omashola who exchanged heated words with him over the manner he addressed him. Perhaps, Omashola’s behaviour can be linked to a rush of adrenaline caused by Venita? It is evident that he has the hots for her and with that momentous kiss they shared during the Truth or Dare game, local man can’t keep his cool. And Mercy who is in no mood for the pleasantries had an altercation with the 38-year-old man over their presentation task. Omashola implied that Mercy was not a good leader and like a dynamite, Mercy exploded, throwing curses at him which the latter returned with fervour.

Up for possible eviction this week is Tacha, Mike, Jeff and Omashola. All the nominees so far has shown strong qualities. Who will be the unlucky one on Sunday night?