Lazy Writa Set to Release New Book,  ‘YouTube Vlogs’


By Tosin Clegg

Lazy Writa is one of the celebrated social media influencer and digital marketing expect currently leading the face of excellence in the media. He recently joined the team of Devon, Troy, Copper as the Chief Operating Officer. Devon Troy Copper (DTC) is a full service digital communications agency in Ikeja, Lagos that offers a unique mix of strategic services such as Social Media Community Management, Influencer Marketing & Talent Management, Digital Marketing & Strategy, Copywriting & Design, Reputation & Crisis Management.

Talking about his new book he said: “ I have always been a book lover and avid reader and one of my dreams while growing up was having my books displayed in libraries, book stores and in schools around the country.  

I am excited to tell you that I am one step closer to making this dream a reality. My coming book of poetry titled ‘A Great Poet’ is something i feel everyone can relate with, there is something for the youth, for the kids, for the adults, A Great Poet is a collection of poetry about Love, Pain, Heartbreak, Life and much more. 

I am inspired by the things and people around me, I am inspired by personal experiences and from the works of other brilliant authors that I read.”

Lazy Writa believes that as an influencer, the personal touch and creativity he puts in his campaigns is what makes him stand out on social media. 

Also, Lazy Writa is not just a social media brand, it is a brand with a face which is very important in building relationships in the social/digital media industry.

Aside from his upcoming book, he is also working on his Youtube page, which is a lifestyle page dedicated to the hacks of social media and influencer marketing. It also showcases the lifestyle of a typical influencer.