Lawan: We Won’t Need Party Intervention to Resolve any Crisis in Senate

Ahmad Lawan

Deji Elumoye in Abuja

Senate President, Dr Ahmad Lawan, has foreclosed the possibility of inviting the leadership of the ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), to resolve any crisis that may arise between him and other APC senators.

Lawan, who spoke yesterday while receiving in audience the APC Chairmen’s Forum led by Ali Dalori, dismissed the suggestion of the chairmen of their readiness to wade into any crisis that may crop up between him and APC Senators as the Ninth Assembly carries out its activities.

He said the senators are well focused, adding that the collective interest will unify the Senate as against individual interest that will tear them apart.

According to him, there may be moments of disagreement between him and his colleagues but this would be resolved without need to call on the forum of chairmen of the party to wade in.

“When we campaigned for the election into the offices of the President of the Senate and Deputy President of the Senate, the party must have seen how loyal and committed senators were. This was in clear difference with what happened in 2015.

“Therefore, Mr. Chairman of Chairmen, I don’t think I will ever invite you to come and intervene on my behalf, when I will have any issue with any senator and should I disagree with fellow senators it is going to be me who will explain to them,”Lawan explained.

He said the APC-dominated senate will work with the executive for the common goal of national development citing power generation and distribution as factors of unifying Nigerians.

The Senate president also used the forum to reiterate his call for unity of purpose in support for the president.

“The executive and the legislature in this respect with dominance of APC in the Senate and the APC administration, we have one cause of one focus and one direction.

“Any programme emanating from the side of the executive side of government, I will hope is a programme that is done for all of us in APC.

Speaking earlier, Dalori, who is also the APC Chairman in Borno State had informed Lawan of the readiness of the forum to intervene in any future crisis between him and any senator or groups of senators with a view to settling the matter.