WASCO Engages Consumers, Traders 


Ugo Aliogo

 The West African Seasoning Company Limited (WASCO) recently embarked on a market activation and sensitisation programme on the usage of its Ajinomoto seasoning at Onitsha, Anambra State.

The campaign was aimed at educating traders and consumer about the safe consumption of Ajinomoto and how it was made from sugarcane. 

The traders and consumers who were thrilled by the campaign at Relief Market Ogbaru, Onitsha, also received free cash, souvenirs and seasonings as gifts.

Speaking at the event recently in Anambra state, the General Manager of African Business Development (WASCO), Mr. Takashi Sato, said the initiative was aimed at educating consumers and changing their perception about the brand.

 Sato, said the market activation was part of the company’s business strategies to increase sales of the Ajinomoto brand, particularly in the South-East zone where it had witnessed a downturn in sales.

“Our purpose is to promote the brand. Ajinomoto is a popular monosodium glutamate (MSG) seasoning which is made from Sugarcane and safe for consumption.

“It is produced through the same natural fermentation process just like ‘Okpei’, ‘Dawadawa’ and it has been scientifically certified safe for consumption by global and local food authorities,” he said.

According to him, the brand has been in existence since 1909, but was introduced to Nigeria in 1991.

Speaking on the health benefits of Ajinomoto umami seasoning, a nutritionist; Dr. Helen Unaeze, noted that a lot could be derived from the use of the product.

“First of all, it adds flavor and heighten the natural flavor of food; it also helps in protein and energy synthesis and helps to reduce salt and fat in diet. It is pure, produced and packaged from sugarcane under hygienic condition, I urge women to ignore the negative reports said about the product,’’ she said.

 Also, the brand Ambassador and ace comedian, Dr. Helen Paul, who thrilled consumers at the event, described the brand as a “unique and essential spice for every meal”.

“It is a global brand that has been in existence for many years. It has an irresistible taste and it’s absolutely safe. Everything negative said about Ajinomoto is false as it is made from sugarcane and it gives your meal the required tantalizing taste,” she said.