Moghalu, Yayale, Ribadu Urge Youths Not to Lose Hope

Kingsley Moghalu

Kuni Tyessi in Abuja

Former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mr. Kingsley Moghalu yesterday urged youths across the federation not to lose hope on the future of Nigeria.
He noted that the country could be changed for the better if the younger generation would strive to change the status quo and recover the nation’s battered image through hardship, diligence and patriotism.

He gave the charge yesterday during the graduation ceremony of the Pace Setters Academy in Abuja where 66 graduated from kindergarten, 98 from primary and 95 from college.

Moghalu, presidential candidate of Young Progressives Party (YPP), urged the youths never to give up on the country despite being disappointed by the older generation.
He said although the YPP, his political party, did not win the 2019 presidential contest, the party was able to win the hearts of millions of Nigerians.

He admonished that leadership “is the ability to mobilise, have a vision and inspire, as well as the ability to take people from one place to a better one. It is not about title, but about making an impact.

“We live in a country where most intelligent youths like you do not want to go into politics because they see politics as dirty. I was also thinking that way until I became born again.

“When the time comes during the next elections, make sure you get registered and vote in men and women of vision and integrity irrespective of party affiliation. As you go into college and the world, hold fast to your values.

Nigeria has been devalued by men and women who have no values. You have to strive to be men and women of purpose. Nigeria will rise one day and your generation will lead the change.

“Although we did not win at the ballot but we won in the hearts of millions of Nigerians. I celebrate patriotism in all the youths” he said.

In his goodwill message, former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Mr. Yayale Ahmed said there had been lack of sincerity in the affairs of the nation, thereby canvassing the need to guarantee the future of the younger generation.

He encouraged the youths that in all of their dealings with the wider world, they should exhibit integrity and must be morally upright.

He said there “has been lack of sincerity in the management of the affairs of this country. We need to guarantee the future of these children. We will encourage them not to lose hope in the future of this nation.

“If you are lazy, you will notice make much difference. In all you do, you must have integrity and must be morally upright” he said.

Also at the graduation, former Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr. Nuhu Ribadu said he looked forward “to a time when children of bandits and other social misfits will be able to access quality education in order to move the country forward.

“I hope and look forward to the time when children of bandits and those making life difficult for us will be able to attend this type of school. But the question is how can this be possible?”