Monday letter2

Greek democracy collapsed as a result of institutional injustice. Once the Roman Empire became synonymous with an unjust judiciary, the barbarians had no difficulty taking over Rome. Hitler’s fascist state only lasted because he had members of the Nazi political party ruling the judiciary.

From this, democracy and injustice are mutually exclusive. That is why if a nation wants democracy to blossom, justice must blossom. And should a nation wants its democracy to be short lived, then, injustice should be the order of the day.

And the judiciary in Nigeria is notorious for being unjust and rotten. And rather than getting better, Buhari has further worsened things for the highly corrupt judiciary. The Supreme Court ruling on the Ogun governorship election has only confirmed everyone’s suspicion, which is that the judicial arm of government is now undoubtedly an arm of APC.

 But while they can get away with this, they have to think twice in the presidential petition. If the judiciary fails to be the last hope of the common man, then, the common man might go ahead to defend himself. If we hate injustice this is the time to stand up against the injustices Buhari and APC are perpetuating in Nigeria with gross impunity. But should we love injustice, then, we should support Buhari’s injustices in the country.

 But as for those lovers of injustice, let them not fail to remember that he who supports injustice will definitely live to inherit injustice.

  Odilim Enwegbara, Abuja