Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq’s Unflinching Optimism


Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq of Kwara State shocked all recently when he was seen carrying a backstrap waiting to board a flight. He was widely commended for his humility, an attribute that is not found among many in his class.
Perhaps, that is one lesson life has taught him.

Today, his story is, indeed, a lesson in steadfastness, and unflinching optimism.
Indeed, if you can take the pains to read his story with undivided attention, you will find out that it is most compelling and engaging.

Born with the proverbial silver spoon, the son of Alhaji AGF Abdulrazaq, the first Northern lawyer in Nigeria, refused to live under the shadows of his family’s wealth. In fact, at a time when many of his siblings followed in their father’s footsteps by becoming lawyers, he charted his own path, with the launch of First Fuel Limited.

He worked hard to launch himself into the big league of billionaire businessmen.
It was gathered that he executed a lot of oil-related transactions that fetched them billions of Naira. He did so well for himself that no one would have been surprised if he owned a private depot or refinery in Nigeria.

But For Abdulrazaq, that was not the case, as First Fuels was hit by a few bad investments. At the height of this challenge, many of his friends and business partners deserted him. He was lonely and he carried his cross all alone.
But the billionaire never despair.

He later ventured into into politics, thinking he would find solace. But his first shot at politics, when he contested for the Kwara Central Senatorial District under the Peoples’ Democratic ,PDP, did not yield the expected result.
He was nearly literally devoured by the blood-thirsty sharks in the murky waters of Nigerian politics. For this, many scorned and sneered at him, but he held on to his dreams.

When he later expressed his interest to contest the number one job in Kwara State towards the build-up to the governorship election in 2019, not many gave him the chance, especially with the growing influence of the then Senate President of Nigeria, Dr. Bukola Saraki.
But he proved the doubting Thomas wrong, as he was eventually declared the winner.