Firms Partner to Enhance Customer Satisfaction


Hamid Ayodeji

As part of efforts to continue supplying customers with the best products and services through the use of technology, Jumia Foods Nigeria has partnered So Fresh to deliver healthy fresh food products on demand to its customers.

The Managing Director, Jumia Foods, Guy Futi, who spoke on the partnership in Lagos, said it was part of efforts to deliver the best customer experiences and expand the services it provides to its customers with its technology.

According to him, one of Jumia Food’s drives to sustain expansion has been to keep providing the best on demand food services to consumers which has enabled the firm to experience a forty per cent growth in the past three months.

Futi said: “We have been partnering with various fresh healthy food service providers to deliver the best on demand customer experience, as well as improving on our operations and marketing strategies.

“The partnership is another channel for So Fresh to sell its fresh healthy food to customers and also expand its customer base. We are exposing our customers and technology to So Fresh so that they have more options for purchase for their consumers.”

Speaking further, he said; “Having this in mind I know this definitely helps grow the technology and agricultural space of the country which eventually generates an economic growth.

This also gives So Fresh the opportunity to increase their overall sales and awareness for their product services and menu.”

“Due to an increase in sales by So Fresh, the farmers who actually produce the raw materials that are used to make the fresh food experience better because the demand for their farm products has grown which has enabled them to generate more revenue,” Futi added.

The Managing Director, So Fresh, Goke Balogun, while speaking during the media briefing, said: “We pioneered the healthy food industry in Nigeria so this partnership with Jumia Foods, a leading delivery platform in Nigeria feels so natural.

“We have changed the perception of how people eat and think of food by introducing various fresh tasty healthy foods at their demand and also at our various outlets.

“Eating healthy should be a part of our day to day life not just once in a while when we feel like. This has inspired us to make sure fresh healthy foods are available to every consumer at their own convenience. Jumia has come in at the right time to help us continue to grow our brand.”