Day Waterman College Organises 8th Valedictory Service


Ugo Aliogo
Day Waterman College (DWC), Abeokuta, Ogun State has organised the eighth valedictory service of the school.

Speaking at the event recently, the Principal of the college, Mr. Stewart Cowden said the day was special to celebrate members of the class of 2019, who he said have raised bar with their academic performance.

He commended the head boy, head girl and the various prefects for the outstanding leadership quality they displayed in the discharge of their duties in the college.
Cowden lauded the class of 2019 for the commitment shown to achieve the best in everything they embarked on at the college, including setting a standard to achieve the best IGCS result ever by the school.

“Leadership has shone brightly in the lives of these young people. In the area of commitment, as group you have shown commitment to achieve the best in everything you have been involved. You have been committed in everything you been involved in. I clearly remember that the mantra you raised was to achieve the best IGCS result the school has ever achieved. I am hopeful that this will happen in August.

The other factor is desire; he added that individually and as a group, “you have sought to achieve the best academic standard possibly. You have set the bar high you and already making impression on this school. I wish you the best in your future endeavours. “I believe that the values instilled in each departing student today will help prepare you for the challenges and demands of the future. I have no doubt that you will be excellent ambassador for DWC. Beware of the pitfalls of social media and maintain the DWC culture of greeting people, you’re going into different culture and societies, so maintain that. I am proud and please keep in touch,” the principal said.

In his remarks, the Chairman, Board of Governors, Mr. Tofarati Agusto said the cumulative experiences that the students have gained in the five years they spent in the college may be more significant than their academic attainment.

He added that the experiences gained would not only help to develop them into well-rounded individuals, but also result in building lasting and enduring relationships.
“Indeed, that relationship may matter more than your academic attainment in your journey through life. How you spend your time and apply yourself on a consistent basis will determine who you become. Focus on spending your time productively and you will have a full chance of being successful. To this end, there are certain habits you need to cultivate to make the most of your lives.

“The most prominent habits of successful are as follows: having a vision, focus, discipline, commitment and hard work, managing and cultivating relationship. You must always have a vision of who or what you want to become. Visions usually will require reshaping and amending and shaping and at times total abandonment.”