Paddy Adenuga Breaks Silence… After Long Hiatus

Paddy Adenuga

Paddy Adenuga, one of the sons of billionaire pillar of prosperity and Glo supremo Dr Mike Adenuga Jnr, has emerged from his anonymous cocoon with an explosive message for his fellow Nigerians. Not one to mince words once there is something on his mind, Paddy Adenuga pulled no punches as he lambasted his countrymen, especially the men, for being snakes in the green grass, acting convivial but full of malicious intent.

Baring his mind on social media site Twitter, the brilliant dude related how some have hailed him and tried to curry his favour in the open only to bring out their knives of envy and try to stab him with it once he has turned his back. But despite their best attempts at pulling him down, he always has a countermeasure for anything they might do. He is always several steps ahead of their puerile games, he boasted.

“The amount of Nigerian guys that greet me so well in public but in private insult my name and lust after my downfall is unbelievable. If you know me, you know I play the game of life decades in advance. The future is forever on my mind why we are such a spiteful people,” wrote Paddy in a post shared and dissected by his thousands of followers on Twitter.

Some people have begun to wonder what might have led Paddy, who has held various directorial-level roles in his father’s companies, including Glo and ConOil, to post such a message. Theories are flying about that he must have encountered a situation whereby a friend he trusted and relied on turned around and brutally betrayed him. Paddy, being human, must have wanted to vent out his frustrations.

This is not the first time Paddy, 35, would send the internet agog with a post. Early last year, he thrilled everyone with a remarkable tale of how he came close to acquiring the business and assets of Chevron in the Netherlands only for his plans and schemes to end up in glorious failure. The Catalan Corporation, the company he founded as he almost pulled off the coup of the century, is still in play as an investment arm which he uses to acquire stakes in blue chip companies around the world.