AWF Announces Shift in Date for Its Guest Writer Session


An announcement by the Abuja Writers Forum (AWF) indicates that the literary collective has rescheduled its Guest Writer Session, which was originally billed to hold on Saturday, June 29. The event,which hopes to feature the Venezuelan Ambassador, David Nieves Velásquez Caraballo and the debutante Nigerian novelist, Ngozi Alichi, has been rescheduled for Monday, July 27 at Rosebud Suites (formerly Nanet Suites).

There will as usual be readings, Q and A Session, live music and a raffle-draw for books for the event which holds from 4 pm to 7pm. Current issues in contemporary Venezuelan and Nigerian literature will be the highlights of that event.

The AWF also runs a weekly critique session,a regular creative writing workshop series, and an online journal Dugwe.

Making the Venezuelan representation will be Ambassador Caraballo, a career diplomat, who was born in Cumarea-Sucre State in Venezuela, and had his tertiary education at Universidad Nacional Experimental Simón Rodríguez.

Mr Carabballo has had tours of duty on behalf of Venzuela in Asia, the Middle East and Oceania. His current tour of duty is in Nigeria.

Venezuela is currently producing extremely heterogeneous and often experimental texts, which in some quarters is seen as some kind of boom. Ambassador Carrabballo’s talk will showcase this aspect of Latin American Literature.

Ms Alichi, who will give the Nigerian representation, was born in the Imo State town of Oguta (as Ngozi Scholastica Nkiruka Osuagwu) and holds a degree in English language/ literature as well as a postgraduate diploma in public administration from Abia State University(ABSU). She is a scholar of the Enterprise Development Centre -PAN Atlantic University . Her fervour for creative writing is finally finding expression through the publication of her debut novel, The Journey. In the novel, explores the challenges faced by Egobure Irondi, who though born in a village is determined to follow her dream of getting a good education.