Loragecar Figaro: I Discovered My Talent At the Age of Nine

My Story

Nigerian-American singer, Loragecar Figaro, popularly known as Mr. Figaro, is an afrobeat singer based in the U.S, but has a drive to seal a cut in the Nigerian booming industry. Tosin Clegg asks him how he started, promotions for his new single, “Nana” and much more

How did it all start out?

I discovered my talent for singing at the age of nine, after performing at a school talent show, and music has remained a true passion ever since. I have been singing and performing professionally for some years now, but I’m out with this afrobeat hit to resonate with my African fans.

Define your kind of music and what makes it special to African fans?

My music is as music should be, universal, it can appeal to those who love to dance, people in love, people going through heartbreak or just celebrating life generally. I make music for a global audience although I must admit Africans show so much love because it connects more to their spirits and I love how they vibe to the music.

How has your musical journey been so far, what are the successes and challenges?

Like everything in life, music business has its ups and downs. And I have learnt that it is not always about how talented you are, but often about who you know and how you take advantage of opportunities when they come your way. I have had some top artistes use my materials without permission or credit, people calling and asking me “omg you did a song with …” and I have no idea what they were talking about. The business is grimy, you have to learn to play the cards and play it right.

What African artistes would you want to work with in the future?

I am open to working with any artist that has the same passion of giving people good music. But right now, I’m working on getting a tour together in Nigeria and I hope to be there early next year.

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