A Planet of Money-eating Mammals

Ibrahim Magu

Often, when certain folks dismiss the country as a joke, it is not because they delight in deriding Nigeria but because more often than not, some events in the country have inexplicably presented Nigeria as its own joke.

Many months back, a certain woman, working with the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) alarmed the nation, when she claimed that a strange snake swallowed the sum N36million that was missing.

Soon after, another strange monkey allegedly swallowed the sum of N70 million belonging to Northern senators in the farm of Senator Abdullahi Adamu.

And now, the Gorillas have joined the fray. A fearful-looking Gorilla from Kano zoo recently reportedly swallowed N6.8million belonging to the state, the lowest to be swallowed by any animal. How Nigeria arrived at this sorry state, to the extent that it now nurtures money-eating mammals is simply befuddling!

There is no doubting the fact that this is merely taking corruption on a different scale and which appears to be effective and discreet. Although the woman, who claimed a strange snake swallowed N36 million is currently undergoing trial, if the two other scenarios are also not pursued to a logical close, more mammals would escape from different zoo across Nigeria to swallow money since this appears convenient for all. Balderdash!