Olusegun Akinola Predicts Greater Nigeria as he Launches New Music Album


Even with the abysmal economic situation and the persistent unrest witnessed in several parts of the Nigeria these days, a few people still believe Nigeria has a better future ahead. One of those is Olusegun Akinola who recently launched his music video album titled, “It shall be well with Nigeria”.

Speaking during the launch, Akinola, a serving pastor with the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, said the album carries a message of hope for Nigeria, particularly at these difficult times.

He said: “There would come a time that the nation, Nigeria, would be so great that the whole wold would bow to her. There is a Bible quotation from the book of Psalms 30:5 which says, “… Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

“So, the purpose of this album is to give hope to all Nigerians, telling them that no matter what we are going through now, we are coming out of it and we are coming out a greater nation.”

The album which has titles like “In You is My Life” “Iri Manse” “Aribatise”, “Repentance”, and “Good Morning Jesus” amongst others, was launched at CMD International Event Centre in Magodo-Shangisha, Lagos, under the chairmanship of Evangelist (Prof) Ebenezer Obey Fabiyi, an icon in the Nigeria music industry.

Akinola explained further that his new album contains a strong message to all Nigerians, that whatever Nigeria is passing through today, is a stepping stone, adding that, “we are getting there. It is a promise of the Lord. And the Bible tells us that God is not a man that He should lie. So, I am giving a specific mandate from the Lord for this nation and it is a message of hope that a greater Nigeria is coming soon.”

Akinola, accompanied by his wife, Victoria, who was steadily by his side all through the event, explained how his journey into music started.

“The journey has been long, so, that vision has been on for many years. Back in 1994, I had that burden in my heart for Nigeria, I just didn’t know why but it actually came to reality many years after I left where I was lecturing in one of the polytechnics in Nigeria and that was when I surrendered my life to Christ Jesus in the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries.

“It was then that the vision came up clearly to me. And I heard a message from the Lord God about Nigeria. I then asked myself how was I going to pass this message to Nigerians. I felt no one was going to listen to me. Then came the idea to pass the message through music and here we are today launching the album.”

Akinola who actually started off his music career in the secular world with renowned reggae artist, Majek Fashek, revealed further that in the early 90s, “I used to sing reggae with Majek Fashek at somewhere in Iwaya, Lagos that was just before he launched his song “Send down the Rain”.

“During that period I also launched my first album titled, “Arise Fellow Nigerians” It was launched in Akure, Ondo State in 1994. The then governor of Ondo State, Colonel Ahmed Usman, was highly impressed by the album, describing it as a clarion call for the unity of our nation, Nigeria. And I was given a letter of commendation by the governor on behalf of the people and government of Ondo State.”

On what should be expected from his music in years to come, Akinola, an ordained minister of God would rather focus on his primary assignment as a preacher of the word of God.

“As a minister of God, I have other mandate, which is my ministerial assignments, so my concentration would be more on my ministerial assignments but if the Lord says I should continue through music to speak to the world, especially to Nigerians, then so shall it be”, he noted.

Expressing his excitement over the historic event, Music Icon, Evangelist Ebenezer Obey, applauded Akinola for a job well done.

“Well, today’s event is a good thing. It is an extension of what Jesus Christ stood for. Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer. So, our purpose of gathering here today is for the launching of the video album, “It shall be well with Nigeria”, which is a prayer. It is a good purpose because we all need to pray for Nigeria”, Obey said.

Obey, who has over the years, strengthened gospel music Nigeria with messages that lift the soul, commended the new generation of gospel artists.

“We have the new generation, the young people, coming up with their own approach to gospel music, although they are not doing it exactly the way we the elders do it but then they are definitely reaching their own audience – their own generation. So, they are doing a good job but all they need to do is to improve on the lyrics and contents of their music.”