Ken Tadaferua…. An Abrupt Sunset

Ken Tadaferua

Ken Tadaferua

By Eddy Odivwri

Last Sunday, Mr Ken Tadaferua, an ebullient and fiery journalist, a proud son of Urhobo land, finally bowed to the notorious Big C, after a five year duel, at the unripe age of 62. He doggedly fought the malaise all the way from India through Israel and back to Nigeria. His spirit was high and charged even as his bones and flesh were fading away.

He was such a dutiful journalist, who taught some of us some of the tricks of the trade. When he joined us on the Editorial Board many years ago, his perspective on issues were usually compelling and striking. Ken would see it the way others would not even imagine. His understanding of the business world was something else.

He was full of life. I recall how very often he would argue with now Ven Okey Ifionu (then Deputy Editorial Board Chairman) over how they (Igbos) were given “red bread” to eat during the war…. And he would cackle away in loud laughter.

Weeks before he finally passed, he was yet very active on social media, making informed argument and commentary on national issues. Clearly he was a pro-people personality. He believed every government is oppressive. He never gave up in his advocacy for a better country. Life is hardly fair. Ken had to make the best of his lot in life. He fought gallantly and courageously. The rage has quietened now

And today, we mourn him and can declare, as Shakespeare would put it (in Macbeth) that “after life’s fitful fever, he sleeps well”

Ken o, Good night Bros.

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