NLC Urges Urgent Action Against Military Junta  in Sudan


 Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has asked the international community to do something urgently to stop carnage going on the troubled central African nation, Sudan.

In a statement issued on Friday by the acting President of the NLC, Najeem Yasin the labour movement said global community should unite to stop this carnage by the military before it escalates into more killings that would derail the momentum of the struggle to re-establish negotiations leading to civilian rule under an atmosphere of free and fair election. 

“While applauding the timely suspension of Sudan by the African Union (AU), and the intention of the UN to intervene in the political crisis, we call on all persons of goodwill and the international community to take urgent decisive actions to call the Junta to order and offer concrete measures for the protection of the lives of activists and the people of Sudan,” NLC said.

NLC said that it watched with shock the massacre of over 100 pro-democracy activists and other persons by the military Junta in Sudan. 

It deplored the blatant use of force against unarmed and defenseless civilians, which led to the killing of children and injuring of several persons, adding that the use of military force against  protesters seeking to establish a democratic process in Sudan, “is highly condemnable and should not be allowed to continue by the international community.”

“It is instructive that the Junta rode on the protests of pro-democratic forces that ousted former President Omar al-Bashir ostensibly to protect the protesters, only to turn its guns on them and the Sudanese population. This is an unconscionable betrayal of the Sudanese people who had suffered untold hardship and violence in the hands of al-Bashir’s Rapid Support Forces or Janjaweed, which the Junta had recently unleashed on pro-democracy activists,” it said.