CACOL Commiserates with THIDAY MD


The Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership (CACOL) yesterday commiserated with the Managing Director of THISDAY Newspapers Group, Mr. Eniola Bello on the transition of his wife, Hellen in a hospital abroad after a brief illness.
CACOL, an anti-corruption and openness in governance advocacy group, consoled the entire family of the deceased, assuring that she had transited to eternal rest.

The group conveyed its message in a letter of condolence signed by its Executive Chairman, Mr. Debo Adeniran, lamenting Helen’s sudden and unexpected passage into eternal realm after a brief illness.

The letter read in part: “This is not because we ever believed that she or any other human is immortal, but for her bubbling spirit and irrepressible support to you as her husband as a seasoned columnist and a cerebral member of the fourth realm.

“Throughout her time and life, she remained a veritable pillar of support, kindness and diligence whose invaluable support to the entire family remains immeasurable. “With our knowledge of what she represents to the entire family of Eniola Bello, it is very obvious that she would be sorely missed. Our only consolation is that she lived a most remarkable and diligent life to her family and others that knew her.”

The group, also, prayed that the Almighty, owner of human existence and strivings, “shall confer on the husband and family, the fortitude and courage to bear this irreparable loss and fill the void. We also wish the entire family, additional wisdom and divine outpourings that would mitigate her unexpected exit.
“Just as all of us usually attest, death is an inevitable end for all mortars. This is why it is imperative that we all live everyday as if it was the very last.

“We mourn Hellen with a heavy heart today, not because of her primitive or inordinate accumulation of public funds, but simply because of her commitment to service and obligations to humanity which she delivered meritoriously; living every minute of her working life in service to her husband, family, other relations and humanity in general.
“We hope our political class could just take a cue from her unforgettable but simple life of accountability,” the group said in a condolence letter.