New Eko Innovation Centre Unveiled


With a  promise to transform the technology landscape of Lagos State and Nigeria at large, the new Eko Innovation Centre was officially unveiled in Lagos during week.

Speaking at the launch, Governor of  Lagos State, Babatunde Sanwo-Olu, who endorsed the initiative, expressed optimism in it, adding that it would add up to the mega city vision of the state.

He said: “Technology is the way to go, it is the way of the future and it is the way the entire universe is going and everybody is using technology to develop everything that they need. 

“We believe that from here, things around the THEME concept that has to do with the environment, education, transportation and health innovations would be developed. People from here would come and give us innovative ideas to solve our transportation and other problems.”

Founder of the centre,Victor Afolabi, stated that the initiative would go a long way in  creating an enabling environment for young people to develop innovative solutions and create employment while leveraging technology to achieve more.

He said: “We saw in the Lagos manifesto an agenda to make the State a 21st century economy. The only way to create a 21st century economy is to make sure you are creating businesses and solution to problems that are driven by innovation and technology.

“Eko Innovation Centre is designed not just to add to the growing figures of local tech hubs, but to provide a much required platform for startups to scale through the challenges of their incubation period – a bold and audacious initiative for the country’s tech community.”

Afolabi  pointed out that most of the existing technology centres and hubs primarily provide workspaces and basic facilities, including power and internet services, with a few more providing support platforms for the growth of the startups. 

“The  centre will provide shared services including legal, finance, tech, marketing, and PR services among others. It would equally provide investment readiness services as well as funding for startups”, he assured.