Operators Decry Influx of Substandard Tricycles


James Emejo in Abuja

The Chairman, Coalition of Federated Association and Capital Territory Tricycle and Motorcycle Riders, Dealers and Operators, Mr. Thomas Danjuma, has raised the alarm that producers of commercial tricycles popular known as Keke have flooded the country with substandard tricycles.
He said most of the current tricycles have engines that are dead and smokey on arrival.

The group noted that the Dubai Auto Gallery (DAG) are the distributors of tricycles in Nigeria, lamenting that except for the first batch of keke that was brought into the country years back, the distributors and manufacturers have subsequently inundated the country with tricycle, thus making Nigeria a dumping ground for their products.

Speaking with journalists, the chairman noted that though DAG and the manufacturers gave assurance of a one year warranty, there had not been any case where they repaired any tricycle for buyers.
He said the situation was further complicated by the fact that the manufacturers don’t even have any service station in Abuja as operators resort to roadside mechanic for services.

Danjuma said: “DAG in partnership with Indian manufacturing company are the manufacturers of keke, they have their agents all over Nigeria, the first batch of keke was very good and durable but subsequently they started refurbishing and repackaging old keke to the Nigerian market.

“As I am speaking with you they use first grade and very durable keke in India and other parts of the world but when it comes to shipping them to Nigeria they repackage abandoned keke to Nigeria. Under two months the engine will start smoking seriously.”

According to him: “They assured us when they were delivering that they were given 12 months warranty, as soon as the keke is delivered they disappear into thin air. They do not have an office in Abuja, not even a service station that we can go to as keke operators. When we have issues with our keke, we call and complain, they are not bothered, and they just keep dribbling us.

“Since they do not have an office in Abuja we call their toll numbers which they directed us to in Abuja, when we got tired of calling we make do with roadside mechanics.”

He said the association had further written to written to the Consumer Protection Council (CPC) and the Standard Organisation Nigeria (SON) over the import of substandard tricycles into the country adding that “We expect them to take actions immediately.”
Reacting to the allegations however, DAG Country Representative, Mr. Fildous Ahmad Ahmad, claimed he was unaware that the company had flooded the Nigerian market with substandard equipment.