Africa’s First Satellite Catholic TV Clocks Five


Mary Nnah

Lumen Christi Catholic Television Network (LCTN), Africa’s first Indigenous Catholic TV Network, recently marked five years of existence during which numerous individuals of the Catholic faith, including renowned catholic clerics gathered to witness the landmark event.

This particular celebration was of great interest to the Catholic community because one of their own had made them proud. This was coupled with the fact that this particular investment, according to the Founder/CEO of Lumen Christi Catholic TV Network, Prince Robert Joseph Soji Olagunju, is peculiar in the sense that it is solely about drawing people to Christ though mass media using the Catholic tenet.

Started five years ago, Olagunju stressed that LCTN is a product of divine inspiration, personal faith and commitment, adding, “imagine the multiplier effect of a priest going through the rigours of preparing an inspiring homily and same is heard by millions upon millions across the world as against just within the confines of his parish.

“The gain of heaven of all potentially lost souls who got to know of Christ through our worldwide broadcast is indeed great and simply immeasurable in monetary terms”.

Olagunju while delivering his speech at the event, which also featured the presentation of Maiden Annual Lecture of the TV station added that “LCTN has already been making remarkable contribution to the work of evangelism in the church”.

Commending Olagunju’s efforts so far, the Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, His Eminence, John Cardinal Onaiyekan, said, “It a great feat for him to have put his personal resources to set up a media outfit for the propagation of the gospel.

“Churches do that often using the money collected from church members but for a single person to set up something like this is not very common. And it is not as if he is so rich and does not know what to do with his money.

“I realise that it has been a challenging period all through these five years to meet up with this present development but as it happened God comes in because it is His business.”

Congratulating Olagunju, the archbishop of the Metropolis of Lagos, His Grace Most Rev. Alfred Adewale Martins, who made a prayer for the nation and also spoke on salient issues, while raising concern about the security situation in the nation, said, “We are gathered in recognition of the significance of today’s event.

“Many significant things happen every day and some of them go unnoticed. To God be the glory that the fifth anniversary of LCTN did not go unnoticed”.

He said further that it was the zeal for the proclamation of the good news of Christ that propelled Olagunju and his family to establish a catholic based television five years ago, adding that LCTN has continued to wax stronger despite all odds while propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the reason it was founded.

He explained further that LCTN is a platform placed at the disposal of the church to discuss etiquette, enlighten and show the world what Catholicism means and what it means to practice the faith in spirit and in truth.