Muoka Harps on Repentance as Solution to Insecurity in the Nation

Pastor Lazarus Muoka

Mary Nnah

International crusader and General Overseer of The Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, has said that the only solution to the myriads of challenges and insecurity facing the country at the moment is when the citizens truly turn away from their evil deeds and turn completely to Jesus Christ for direction and ultimately embrace His teachings.

Speaking at a recent crusade tagged, “God’s Covenant of Peace and Blessing” which held at the church’s International Headquarters, Ijesha, Lagos, Muoka said there were lots of problems in Nigeria today due to evils perpetuated by the citizens, most especially those in leadership positions.

He noted however that it is only in Christ that the nation can have freedom and solution to the killings, kidnapping and other vices going on at the moment.

He said therefore that all the evildoers should give their lives to Christ, amend their ways and begin to live their lives according to the will of God so as to obtain mercy and direction from God.

He said, “Jesus Christ has taken away our sins, sorrows and sufferings. Christ came over 2000 years ago and paid the price for our sins, suffered for us, died and on the third day rose for our justification.

“Christ rose for our salvation, so we must embrace Him for us to have peace in our minds and in our nation. This crusade was designed to let the brethren know that Christ’s death earned humanity victory over all problems.

“No matter the problem Nigeria is facing now, in Him it is over, because Christ has carried away our sorrow, He has taken away our sins, so whoever gives his life to Christ, arise with Christ and that person has eternal solution to his problems, freedom over sin, afflictions of the devil, and through Him we have all things.

“All that I want to point out is that solution to man’s problems is through Jesus Christ. You must be born again, so that everybody lives with the fear of God and nobody will turn to vices, robbery, killings and all the wickedness.

“So if the whole people will repent every problem will be solved. But if we are trying to bank on human security, human solution has limitations; it fails if Christ is not there. What we are preaching is the truth, if anybody can abide in it, that person will rejoice in the presence of God.”