Mr. P Wants You to Know That He Is Not Managing



Recently, Mr. P has been in the news for one thing or the other and the public opinion often held about him is that he is struggling with his solo career. But the artiste who is the other half of the defunct P-Square group is really enjoying his freedom, Vanessa Obioha exclusively reports

“I don’t think I’m ‘managing’, I think I’m enjoying every bit of it,” Mr. P, the other half of the defunct P-Square group said in an exclusive chat with THISDAY.

“There is nothing like freedom. There is nothing like you being happy with yourself. You don’t want to get to a point and say ‘if I had known’. For instance, maybe when I get to 56, I will start living a life of regrets. I don’t want that. Now I’m enjoying my freedom. I can still travel and say I’m in charge of myself. I decide what I want to do; there is nothing bigger than freedom. For example, when Mandela was in jail, all he needed or all he wanted was freedom; freedom is a key, and peace of mind. Today everyone sees me and say ‘Peter you are looking fresher than before.’ Even some of our band members who used to play for us as a group then make similar comments. Now I am enjoying every bit, I’m in charge, I want to do things; I want to do it my own way,” he enthused.

As a member of P-Square back then, Peter was usually seen as a dancer, while his younger half was credited as the main voice of the group. But since their messy breakup, Mr. P has changed that notion about him, releasing singles such as ‘For My Head’, Cool It Down’, ‘Look into My Eyes’, and more recently ‘One More Night’ featuring Niniola.

He has also bagged awards and sold out shows across the continent. Recently, he launched a lifestyle brand Zoom Lifestyle Lottery, a digital mobile authorised lottery that is a follow-up to his reality TV show ‘Dance with Peter’.

This new found freedom is why Mr. P prefers to work alone under the management of One Management. He is very confident that it is the best thing that has happened to him.

“Nowadays, I’m amazed at what I can do on stage. I can play longer on stage and trust me there are very few of us in the world that can dance and sing very well on stage. Sometimes I will be like wow! In the earlier stage, I couldn’t stay that long, but now? Trust me, 100 per cent,” he concluded.

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