Ijeoma Okwara: The Fear of Failure Sometimes Rob Me of Life Changing Opportunities


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The Fear of Failure Sometimes Rob Me of Life Changing Opportunities

Having had a clear vision of what she wanted out of life and where she wanted to be, fast rising blogger, Ijeoma Daisy Okwara relocated to Lagos immediately after graduating from the University in order to pursue her dreams. She had worked with an insurance company after which she contested for a spot amongst the stars when she participated in MTN Project Fame. Ijeoma is running one of ≠the most interactive entertainment, lifestyle and general news pages on Instagram. The Ijeoma Daisy’s blog is gradually becoming a household name. She talks to Azuka Ogujiuba on how it all started, the challenges that come with being a blogger, handling her home front and blogging as a wife and more  

After graduating from the University, you worked with a telecommunications company after which you went into music and was one of the contestants of MTN Project Fame. How was it like trying to find your balance as a young lady after school?

Finding my balance after university wasn’t much of a struggle for me as I already knew what I wanted for myself. I relocated immediately to Lagos, got my first job as a temporary staff with an Insurance company, did my NYSC in Lagos, went for Project Fame and afterwards, got a job with a telecoms company. Those days were pretty much very instrumental to where I am today.

Following your participation in posting about Brother Naija 2018, Ijeoma Daisy has not only gained massive followership on Instagram but is now one of the most influential pages on IG. How did it all start?

Blogging about Big Brother Nigeria started in 2017 when my best friend, Bisola disclosed to me that she was going into the house, so I figured that it’ll be nice to support her by posting about her activities in the house. When the show kicked off, a lot of people started coming around my page, requesting that I post about the other housemates. At the end of the show, my followers had doubled. Fast forward to 2018, I decided that since I had BBN fans following me, they might be interested in watching the new season and that was how I became fully involved last year.

A lot people feel that the Big Brother Naija Reunion show wasn’t necessary, what do you think about that?

I agree the reunion wasn’t necessary knowing how controversial the show was. It re-opened old wounds and brought back the negative energy we thought had died down. I understand the organisers probably wanted to provide some sort of closure for housemates that were still hurting but it seemed they completely forgot that they had some crazy fans out there who were ever ready to go to war.

What’s your take on the relationship situation amongst Alex, Tobi, CeeC and Leo?

I actually didn’t take their relationships seriously because I knew it would be a different ball game when they are out of the house. So, I was not surprised with whatever’s going on with them. I’m just happy they are all busy and making money.

What’s your aim as far as blogging is concerned?

My aim for blogging is to end up being one of the most reliable sources of information someday.

A lot of people think that blogging and posting on Instagram is one of the easiest things to do. Tell us about your challenges and experience so far.

I used to think so myself. Posting on Instagram is easy if you are simply reposting other people’s post. Sourcing for news is one of the hardest parts of blogging. For every news I post, I run a check on them to ensure they are not fake. My experience so far has been fun because I love sharing stuff with my people. I love updating them with my latest findings and breaking news and I totally appreciate the feedback I receive from them. It’s been fun so far, though not easy.

If you have the opportunity to meet one blogger in the world, who would that be and why?

That blogger would be Linda Ikeji. I admire her work ethics. I used to be an ardent reader of LIB way back and that was when I noticed how hardworking and focused she was. While people sleep, Linda will be up posting news and when I visit her site in the morning, there would be interesting news posted already, even on Sundays, Linda never stopped posting. I was intrigued by that honestly and that is why I respect her till date.

How do you cope with your job and your home front as a wife?

I have an understanding and completely supportive partner. He has zero issues and is happy to throw his weight behind whatever makes me happy.

What do you have to say about some married couples who come to social media to drag each other over issues instead resolving things behind closed doors?

Married couples who bring their issues to social media strike me as people who have no respect for their marriage. Self-control and restraint are very important in marriage and these people obviously lack them.

Tell us what you think about domestic violence and the increasing rate of child abuse in Nigeria?

The increasing rate of child abuse in the country is disturbing. Thank God for social media because sometimes I wonder what would have happened to those poor children if it wasn’t for it. Parents need to pay close attention to their children and endeavour to have candid conversations with them every now and then. For domestic violence, my advice is to quit any marriage that is abusive. A man or woman that abuses you physically will never stop. It is better you leave that marriage alive than ending up dead while trying to make it work.


Aside blogging, what else does Ijeoma do?

Nothing else, I’m into full time blogging.

What’s your biggest fear in life?

My biggest fear in life is fear of failure and sometimes it ends up robbing me of life changing opportunities. But I’m working very hard to overcome it.

How was growing up like, tell us about your parents and siblings?

I come from a family of eight. Dad’s a lawyer; Mum was a teacher/ educationist. Growing up as the last child of the family was kind of uninteresting for me. My folks were too protective, so I ended up basically keeping to myself.

What’s the biggest lesson life has taught you so far?

Life has taught me to keep an open mind and judge people less and never to regret doing anything that makes me happy.

How is your leisure like?

I enjoy watching movies and surfing the net. I can be online the whole day, learning new stuff.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Food. I love food

What’s your husband’s favourite meal?

Rice and stew.