That mean say we are plenty o! Is it true that the APC defence at the election petitions tribunal was that Atiku Abubakar former Vice President, and many former things is not a Nigerian and as such was declared a Cameroonian.

Mbok, this Nigeria can really make things happen o. So because the man has gone to court to seek the interpretation of the magic that happened during the elections, all of a sudden na Cameroonian. If you ask me na very powerful form of defence, put the man under pressure to prove that he is not a ‘bastard’ so that he loses concentration in the main fight and start making careless mistakes. This is classic and I doff my hat for the APC defence team.

They should have been drafted to defend O.J Simpson. You see this kind of tactic is what you use when you are defending a client who is first son in a hugely polygamous family and is trying to corner everything and they are contesting the will. You will just attack his paternity, accuse him of being sired by the family driver and as such not even having a platform to even commence a fight for his birth right. You will use years to struggle that one and pushing the DNA test as far as you can get. Even the man sef, will start looking at his mother with one kind eye. That is what is being done to Atiku, saying that because he was born before one kind referendum that means say he is not Nigerian. My people I am not a lawyer and have no plans to be but if I have ever heard any hogwash na in be this. Mbok can someone then answer who is a Nigerian.

This thing that APC is doing is not a small thing o, do they think they can isolate only Atiku with this argument to win case and now leave the millions of Nigerians who fall into this category. This argument if it holds will throw out millions of Nigerians on the same boat as Atiku. Please let’s answer the question the bobo has taken to the Tribunal to ask, ‘was the election truly free and fair? Did it meet the minimum globally accepted standards of transparency? Did the officials act with the highest levels of integrity? Mbok let’s face matter and leave where Atiku come from. When INEC was clearing him for all the elections the man has contested they did not realize he was from Futa djallon? Atiku can come from the Kahalari desert for all I care, the answers to this inquest are needed urgently so we can all rest. Thank you