Metrology Key to Economic Devt, Says SON DG


James Emejo in Abuja
The Director General/Chief Executive, Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), Mr. Osita Aboloma, has said metrology otherwise known as the science of measurement had become critical for meeting the country’s development aspirations, particularly the acceptance of its exports by the international markets.

He said measurement plays a key role for determining the success of manufactured products in terms of precision and how well they are made.

Speaking at the opening of a workshop for North-west on the importance of metrology for quality assurance of products and services and industrial development, he said the SON Act covers all aspects of metrology to ensure the protection of business, safety, wealth as well as other aspects of Nigerian lives.

He said the SON Act No. 14 of 2015 and the Weights and Measures Act on Legal Metrology remained the applicable metrology laws in the country.

Represented at the occasion by the FCT Coordinator, SON, Mr. Gambo Dimka, Aboloma, among other things, said human health and safety relied on credible measurements in medical diagnosis and therapy while protection of the environment and large scale studies related to global climate change depend critically on accurate measurements often extending over long periods time.

He said: “All these call for measurements of the highest accuracy to reduce to minimal, the cost and issue of rejection of any product from the country.”

He said adherence to measurement precision could help minimise instances building collapse in the country as well as engender equity and fairness in all business transactions.

He added that it was the duty of SON to ensure that calibration is done by manufacturers by ensuring they have scales and instruments which are able to measure what is required.

Aboloma further noted that with the rampant collapse of buildings, it would become necessary that measurements are enforced to ensure people comply with and get value for their money and appreciate the importance of measurement.

He said: “God has created all of us with the need to measure and that is why the Quran talks about it, the scripture talks about it and the women will tell you when the salt is too much or less because they are able to measure.”

However, he said the workshop became necessary, “to awake our consciousness on the crucial role metrology plays in all aspects of our lives.

“I can assure you that SON, in collaboration with partner agencies, manufacturers, service providers and other stakeholders, shall continue to enhance the competitiveness of their products and services by availing them the relevant standards, be it physical, and or documentary, thereby guaranteeing them unfettered access to both domestic and international markets.”