Chioma GoodHair, Now Chioma Landlady


A home is more than the roof above, a resting place after daily toil. A home is a shelter of dreams, a home protects the dreamer, a home allows the dreamer to dream in peace. And if the home is lavish and opulent, and ensconced in a place of grandiosity and comfort, so much the better, price be damned.

Not unexpectedly, Chioma Ikokwu, one half of luxury hair partnership Good Hair Luxury Brand, has got for herself a swanky new home in highbrow Ikoyi axis of Lagos. Coming before she turns 30, her new milestone is a statement that she has finally come to stay in the big leagues.

Popularly called Chioma GoodHair by her fans, the bubbling entrepreneur’s longtime partnership with Kika has proved to be a goldmine for them as they rake in huge amounts on a daily basis. With customers of no shallow pockets coming to patronize them from far and near, it is no surprise to learn that Chioma counts as one of the most loaded under 30s around.

And while some of her peers decide to take the route of endless trips abroad, dissipating their wealth on designer bags, clothes and jewellery that lose their sheen after some time, Chioma, who has a master’s in International Environmental Law and Commercial Arbitration, made the wise decision for such a young head to invest her money in a 5-bedroom, fully-fitted penthouse apartment in Ikoyi.

The house, HighLife gathered, is close to the residents of some other big boys and girls. In fact, she and her controversial BFF, Toke Makinwa, are said to be neighbours. Though there are some rumours concerning how she came by the huge amount of money needed to buy a house in such a posh location, those close to the beautiful lady insisted most of it came from her savings, with her parents stumping up a portion.

For the style queen, it has been a gradual climb from humble entrepreneurial beginnings in 2009 when she started her business, to becoming a proud landlady in one of the fanciest locations in the country. And she has made it abundantly clear that more properties are on the way in the near future. The sky is her limit.