Changan Motors Affirms Brand Success, Unveils Premium CS75 SUV Line-up  


Changan Motors Nigeria, last week, unveiled one of its most celebrated sport utility vehicles, the CS75, reaffirming the accomplishment of the brand, which was officially introduced three years ago.

Riding on the heels of the CS35, the Changan brand may have finally come to stay, having won the confidence of SUV enthusiasts in Nigeria.

Changan Motors Nigeria Head, Sales and Marketing Vijay Sengar who gave this hint at a media preview of the vehicle in Lagos said the company is delighted that the brand has validated the quality, aesthetics and sturdiness of Changan line of automobiles, barely three years after it was introduced in Nigeria.

Also adding that the vehicle is assembled in Nigeria by Nigerians, Mr. Sengar said the CS75 is competitively priced to dare segment leaders including B-segment SUVs – Hyundai Tucson, GS4, Nissan Qashqai and the likes.

Nicely and aggressively designed, the Changan CS75 crossover demonstrates the aura of an imposing SUV with the trappings of opulence, set apart by ample room, comfort, smooth ride, useful kits and striking ambience.

Manufactured by Changan Automobile, one of China’s leading automobile manufacturers, with extensive investment in advanced research and innovative technologies, the Changan CS75 brings to bare the company’s 157-year experience in manufacturing.

The urban-styled and functionally imbued CS75, no doubt, stands head-to-shoulder with renowned marquees, wielding a characteristically front-end and chunky single-slat grille that assertively profiles the company’s name to effortlessly grab the attention of vehicle enthusiasts.

The rear end of this SUV similarly gets a distinguishing tailgate spoiler and a diffuser that exhibits a sporty character; incorporating Light Emitting Diodes (LED) taillights with brushed aluminum trim on the front and rear bumpers as well as agreeable chrome-plated elements and electroplated exterior trim pieces.

There is though a hint of the Range Rover, its Chinese makers are quick to say: “It is our aspiration to become a global top-10 manufacturer within five years,” and they don’t seem to be leaving any stone unturned to accomplish this objective.

Exhaustive profile

Hop into this 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine SUV and you will be amazed how Changan had mated the 58 litres fuel-tank capacity aspirated turbocharged Blue Core powertrain to an AISIN 6-speed automatic transmission, which churns out 130 horsepower and 230Nm of torque @ 220rpm in an estimated fuel-efficiency of 8.1 litres per 100km.

Quite unlike Chinese engineered automobiles, the CS75 demonstrates unprecedented finesse in its well-built interior, using acoustics and padded materials on the door cards to numb road noise, while also ensuring the fit and finish is of a high standard.

This is in addition to the all wrapped in leather seats with nice stiches, a multifunctional leather steering wheel (that fits perfectly in the hand), which both add visual flair that makes the car very attractive and comfortable.

The front/rear visibility is also excellent with ample headroom and superbly built thin B-pillars that forestall hassles of looking over the left or right shoulders in other to get a proper view, suffice to say, the overall sensation you get from the cabin is akin to a premium SUV.

Also noticeable is the superbly designed dash with intuitively clear 3.5-inch Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), nestled between two analogue dials with an effortlessly accessible gauge cluster.

The CS75 also ensures driving comfort with a relaxing driver’s space elevated above the world outside with a 2,700mm wheel-base, that guarantees infinite view of the horizon.

Cooling the large five-seat cabin is done within seconds – thanks to the intuitively styled air-conditional system.

Striking Features

Other eye-catching features include blind-spot monitoring, keyless entry, push button start, trunk soft curtain, intelligent visible parking assist system, comprehensive six-airbag and very light multifunctional electric power steering, which makes getting in and out of tight spots an easy task.

Couple with these attractions are electronic stability control, front fog lamps, shark-fin antenna, panoramic electronic sunroof, leather seats, electronic parking brake (with auto-hold function) and rear parking sensors with a pretty sharp reversing camera.

Others are remote control system, built-in hard disk music player, iPod music play, ISOFIX, six-speaker audio system (with USB and AUX), rear a/c vent, in-call Bluetooth, 225 / 65 / R17 wheel and tyre assembly and an anti-theft alarm system.


The CS75 body is made of high strength steel with four-wheel disc brake system equipped with Bosch ninth ABS and BAS as well as energy absorbing steering column. These are in addition to cruise control, six parking sensor and tyre pressure monitoring system.

Currently rated one of the safest SUVs in China, the Changan maker of the CS75 said the vehicle recently scored 59 points out of 62 available in the Chinese-New Car Assessment Programme (C-NCAP.) C-NCAP is a strict and comprehensive evaluation aimed at reducing harm and loss in traffic accidents.


The ride is soft and it soaks up all road imperfections with ease – thanks to the Macpherson struts suspension in the front and multi-link independent apparatus at the rear.

Merging with faster-moving traffic is a cinch with the CS75, and it boasts of a very smooth, quiet and refined performance while on the move. Test drivers say the CS75 has lots of premium sensation comparable to racing cars especially when viewed against its sturdy suspension system and nicely seamed seats, using fine visible threads.


Assembled, serviced and marketed by Stallion Motors Limited, the CS75 is available in Changan Motors’ Nigeria accredited showrooms across the country.