Honour Well-Deserved…Dazzle And Valour Of Abimbola Ashiru


The cosmos never forgets the daring and thrusts of the valiant. Through every epoch and every hour, his exploits persist, like a true vine ascending the sky on the bark of a sturdy pine. Thus for being a true man of valour and peerless feats, the universe celebrates Otunba Abimbola Ashiru, the former Ogun State Commissioner for Commerce and Industry.

Here is another good news: At a colourful ceremony last Sunday, at the Global Excellence Awards for Excellence, Abimbola Ashiru was honoured with the Best Commissioner in Nigeria. The award is conferred on Public Officers deemed worthy, and who have great experience, knowledge and impact, doing great work at home and abroad.

No doubt, Ashiru’s genius is exhilarating. It has seen him through the odds of entrepreneurship, until he attained mastery of complexity and creative command of simplicity. He exudes the common core of entrepreneurial depth, tact, and other personal and social abilities which have proved to be the key ingredients of his brilliance and emotional intelligence.

A technocrat of note, Ashiru turned the ministry around and improved its fortunes by remarkable leaps courtesy his ingenious business strategies.
Otunba Ashiru is regarded as one of the closest Ijebu sons to the paramount ruler of Ijebuland, the Awujale, Oba Sikiru Adetona. Little wonder Governor Amosun was so fond of and awed by Ashiru’s ingenuity that shored up the IGR of the state during his time in the office.